ZBOX January Review

I was so thrilled to receive my first ZBOX to review as it is something completely different to trial, and as you know if you read my blog I do love to try out subscription boxes and this box offers something really unique. If you are new to ZBOX it’s a monthly ‘geek themed’ box which is £19.99 for a one month subscription, or if you prefer you can subscribe for 3, 6 and 12 months. Each month your new box will have a particular theme, past boxes have had Star Wars, Back to The Future and Ghouls & Ghosts as the main theme with £35.00 worth of goodies inside. 

I just want to highlight the amazing artwork on the inside of the box which will make you want to keep it, as it is so beautifully illustrated with Mad Max graphics and really deserves a mention. My thoughts on the box are that it offers great value for the price and gives you some unique and often limited edition products you would never have been able to source otherwise. The surprise of the contents is the real key here, with current themes and trends catered for as well as some classic items too. The price point being just under £20.00 I think offers value for money considering the contents, and some months will include a t-shirt (you just have to select your size when ordering the boxes) as well as other sought after merchandise. I would certainly subscribe myself after this taster of the ZBOX as my inner geek just can’t resist the diverse treats with each surprise box and similarly this really appeals to our teen daughter too. 

January 2016 ZBOX review by My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com

ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com
ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com

What’s Inside January’s ZBOX?

First out of the box was the cute Marvel mini Spider-Man Munny figure from Kid Robot complete with sticker art (and webs!) so you can DIY the mini figure yourself. You don’t need any special skills to construct and design this little Spider-Man and with so many variations of his looks you can go for traditional classic colours or a modern twist including glow in the dark. You can even choose to draw or paint on the figures to customise it even further. A cute little figure that appeals to such a wide age range as my nine year old, sixteen year old and I all thought it was really creative and we could have all designed it differently, I can really see why these are collectors items. 

Chatty Feet are a brand I have heard of as I bought both my daughters matching ‘La Diva’ socks for Christmas so the addition of the pair of  ‘Max Sockatansky’ in the box were brilliant. Following the Mad Max theme the socks have a Max Rockatansky in captivity design on the top and underside of the socks and although they are a little too big for me (they were size 9-12 UK) they are just the right size for my OH. I like that the box is so varied and includes such a limited edition item from Chatty Feet, you can’t buy this design on their website so your getting something very unique and special, and I feel that’s where good subscription boxes come into their own, they give you items which are only found in the boxes which makes them all the more coveted.

The Nuka-Cola Fallout 4 Keyring from Bioworld Europe is perfect for adding to my keys and gamers out there will know there is so much merchandise from the game and this is a very collectable product to love and keep. Shaped in a Nuka-Cola bottle top, with classic ridged edging and black and grey colours you could add this to keys, belts or bags alike and it really gives you a taste of the merchandise you can expect from the cult game Fallout 4.

We are big fan’s of Doctor Who so when I saw the Doctor Who Collectors Edition Construction Figure I was happy and even more so when I saw the ‘No painting or glueing required’ too! Not that I’m obverse to some crafts but as it was a Cyberman I wanted to put it all together and see what it looked like right away with no waiting around for glue to dry! It was easy to put together and sits easily on a cardboard stand – loved it and now it’s made me want to collect them all!

It’s hard not to have heard of the The Martian – the 20th Century Fox movie directed by Ridley Scott that was released last year starring Matt Damon, and the movie was based upon the 2011 bestselling book by Andy Weir. Having not seen the film yet I’m quite glad now as I find it ‘s always better to read the book first, I have already started it and the writing is as funny as it is intense which was a surprise and I am really glad that they included it in the box as I probably wouldn’t have picked it up in the bookshop myself. 

I love the addition of the Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #1 Comic, it’s a six series mini-series written by Peter J.Tomasi and is beautifully illustrated by Alisson Borges in the dark and gritty style you would expect from the world of Batman. Also included in the box is a Marvel 2016 calendar which has typically amazing graphics and illustrations from all the Marvel greats and now is my favourite 2016 calendar!  For all Star Wars fans out there ZBOX have included a Marvel/Disney/Lucas Films preview comic book giving you snippets of seven of the latest Star Wars comics a really exciting addition which really piques your interest to go out and buy the series! 

ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com

ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com

ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com
ZBOX January 2016 Edition Review By My Family Ties Blog www.my-family-ties.com

All we know about next month’s box is that it is a ‘Killer’ themed box, and I am really looking forward to the next one, I hope they have some Walking Dead merchandise added to the box as the new series is out mid February but for now I will have to wait and see. What I do know is that it will contain items from Deadpool, Chucky and Star Wars so I’m convinced it will be a memorable one! What a brilliant subscription box this has been for me, I loved the contents and even the box itself is a magnificent piece of artwork, roll on the next box! 

You can read more about the ZBOX and how to order your own here.
Have you tried out the ZBOX before? What did you think of it?
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  1. February 5, 2016 / 11:29 am

    This looks fantastic!

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    Never tried the z box looks like there's lots to sample

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    Haven't heard about this before! Sounds great!


  4. lynn r
    February 18, 2016 / 10:30 am

    A bit different from the usual beauty boxes – love it!