What We Did This Halloween

It’s been a week since Halloween an I just wanted to share a few of our favourite Halloween items which we have been both sent for review and also that I have bought the girls. They love to dress up and this time of year is perfect for indulging in some great outfits, Lara had a fabulous find at Claire’s in the shape of the headband below (modelled by Siobhan!) and she is still wearing it now and putting it away for next Halloween! 

The girls both really enjoyed the outfits kindly sent for review from Sainsbury’s you a can read our full review here, and it’s what they wore on Halloween night when we went out in our local neighbourhood trick or treating. There’s something a little magical for kids about heading out at night all dressed up, this time of year when it get’s darker so much sooner it seemed much later for our youngest especially. She certainly held my hand a little tighter as she wasn’t really used to walking around in the dark! What we did this Halloween was made some precious memories and it’s so special for me to document them here in my blog. 

What we did this Halloween

Halloween Ideas For Trick or Treating
Halloween Ideas For Trick or Treating

Halloween Ideas For Trick or Treating

Seasonal traditions always involve recipes to remember and we have been trying out these handy icing tubes from My Cake Decor (recipe to follow) I was so impressed with the size of these icing tubes, much bigger than the usual supermarket ones, take a look at the video below for a lovely tutorial to make some very pretty chocolate butterflies to add to cupcakes and desserts. 

Choco Writers Icing Tubes From My Cake Decor

While we were out and about collecting up tricks and treats on Halloween night it was a little chilly, I was glad of the socks from Hot Squash which kept the girls feet warm while we were out. They are deceptively thin which you may think wouldn’t keep your feet warm, but the clever thermal fabric keeps you so warm and it also wicks away any moisture too. Even though the girls were both wearing dresses at least their feet were toasty warm!  

Any fans of The Walking Dead out there? We certainly are, and it’s the top Christmas gift idea for my OH this year, so when I saw the Zombie Apocalypse Heat Changing Mug I knew it was perfect! What a brilliant product as when you add hot water you can see the ‘zombies’ appear behind the running man, I love this mug and already the OH has nabbed it as I knew he would love it! Take a look at the Paladone website for all the details on how to order your own.

We have been Book Buddies for Parragon Books for a just a couple of months now and last month’s book was My Big Book Of Monster Fun was perfect timing to stop Lara being bored over the half term break. You can read more about the fun book on my review post here a real bargain of a book at under £5.00 too.

We had a lot of fun reviewing the two games from Megableu, Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt and we even made our first carefully edited video on YouTube to go with the review, it’s very new to me to video so it took me a while to figure out how to upload it once I had finished the edit and the girls were very patient with me! Two really fun games that kept the girls entertained with no complaints about not being on their Kindle’s, which was music to my ears! You can read our full review over on this blog post and watch the video if you are thinking of buying either of the games too. 

Lastly I just wanted to talk about the fabulous party range that Talking Tables have available, we reviewed the Skeleton Crew range and they were such good quality and looked amazing too. We have only just taken all the Halloween decorations down as the girls loved them so much and I would highly recommend the brand if you are looking for made to last, sturdy party-ware, we are certainly looking to buy some Christmas items from them this year. Take a look at my Tricks & Treats post to see how we used the Skeleton Crew set here.

Hot Squash Socks, Parragon books, Paladone Zombie Mug review
Hot Squash Socks For Halloween
Megableu games Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt for Halloween
Talking Tables Halloween Props

* We were provided with PR samples which I have used within this post. However all thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

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  1. LTabstar
    November 9, 2015 / 6:35 am

    Aw so lovely! It looks and sounds like you had a great Halloween!