Vax Dual Power Pro Advance : Christmas House Clean

It’s that time of year where the whole family helps me get the house ‘Christmas ready’ and this means cleaning and tidying ready for family and friends to come and celebrate with a drink or two. One machine that is going to help me this festive season is the Vax Dual power Pro Advance to clean the carpets and one of the benefits of this nifty machine is that it has an integrated feature to dry your carpets as you clean. It’s a big job to undertake and cleaning the carpets in the house takes time and effort, what I found with this machine from Vax is that it was a lot quicker than I expected and I was really glad to find the unit was much lighter that I thought too as well as easy to use.

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Features

  • Faster drying times with Dual V Technology.
  • Stretch hose to reach full stair height easily.
  • Boost trigger to apply solution to the carpet.
  • Deep clean for carpets with DualTECHTM cleaning.
  • Automatic mix system so you don’t have to measure cleaning solution or water.
  • Extra large tank for less refilling.
  • 6 year guarantee.
  • Easy instructions and simple to use.



Our Thoughts On The Vax Dual Power Pro Advance 

With two children and two adults in our home it’s no surprise that dirt builds up on a daily basis within the carpets and cleaning the carpets with a dedicated machine such a the Vax is ideal to keep the carpets looking clean and hygienic. Once we had unboxed the carpet cleaner and put together the machine (which was really simple) we were able to use it right away as supplied in the box is plenty of solution to add to the carpet cleaner to get you started. It is a deep cleaning machine which worked a treat on the whole household carpets and I even managed to get our teenage daughter to clean the carpets in her room, which she found really simple to use.

The hand tool and stretch hose made cleaning the stairs so much easier and surprisingly it was very easy to navigate around our slightly spiral staircase and the result was very clean carpets. When you begin your carpet clean first you use the shampoo which is supplied in the box and then onto the rinse which will remove any of the shampoo you added in the first cycle to deep clean. As you do this the integrated drying feature will help to dry your carpets much faster and if you have used a carpet cleaner before you will know this is one of the most annoying things about cleaning the carpets – the drying time. This is particularly difficult if you have children or pets – or both! As it’s very tricky to keep them away from the carpet!

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

Vax Dual Power Pro Advance Carpet Cleaner Review

We found the Vax carpet cleaner was easy to set-up, use and navigate and not only did it leave our household carpets deeply clean and looking amazing but it helped to dry them as it rinsed as well. For the price (£299.99) I feel it is really good value for money and as some carpet cleaning home services can charge this amount for four rooms and a staircase, having this machine to use again and again offers great value. All you need to ensure is that you have adequate cleaning solution to use next time, the beauty is you can buy the Vax carpet shampoo at many supermarkets and hardware stores to it’s really easy to get hold off unlike some more specialist liquid carpet cleaners.

We really liked the fact that the Vax carpet cleaner had an automatic mix system to make it easier when adding in the solution and water which made the process much less fiddly. It certainly is a great investment into a home to keep the carpets looking clean and I was really impressed just how much cleaner the carpets looked after using the carpet cleaner as well as a little horrified at the amount of dirt too!

As it has a feature to help dry as you rinse the carpet toward the end of the process our carpets were only damp and not totally wet through when we had finished and dried completely within just a few hours. This I found so useful as with other carpet cleaners I have found this is one of the most annoying things to have the carpets drying for up to 48 hours. This is an ideal machine to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean all year round and we have been very impressed with how easy it was to use as well as the performance itself.  The only real disadvantage we found is that it is quite heavy to take up and down the stairs (although you can use the hose attachment to actually clean the staircase carpets) but this is a common issue with all the carpet cleaner brands we have used previously.  This has been ideal for our family and I can see us using it time and again to keep the carpets and rugs looking (and smelling!) clean and hygienic.

If you would like to find out more about the Dual Power Pro Advance from Vax head to their website here for all the details.

Merry Christmas!

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