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Alcatel ONETOUCH Pixi 7

Having a small affordable tablet is a real asset to a blogger. To be able to take a portable reliable tablet en route to an event, a day out or to use to for some essential social media sharing is invaluable especially the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 as it is such good value at under £70.00

 I tend to rely on my IMac and my phone for all my blogging needs, and although both my daughter’s have tablets (kindle’s) I still haven’t got around to trying one out for myself even though the value and potability is ideal. So the opportunity to review the Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 couldn’t have come at a better time, I will be honest though when the tablet was delivered it was hard to keep it away from my daughters as they were both really keen to have a try!

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Tablet review, tablet review, alcatel,

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Tablet review, tablet review, alcatel,
Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Tablet review

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Features 

  • 7 inch compact QHD screen
  • Android, Google Play
  • Available in black
  • Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4GB storage space
  • Price – £69.99 
  • 960 X 540 pixel resolution
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Front and back camera
  • 0.3 mega pixel camera
  • 1.2 GHz triple core processor
  • Touchscreen
  • Infrared port turns the tablet into a universal remote control for your TV
  • Miracast allows you to stream content directly to a TV
  • Pre-loaded with useful apps
  • Micro SD slot to supplement the internal memory – up to 32 GB 

What I like about the Alcatel tablet it is very light (499 g) easy to navigate and at 7 inches in size is small enough to fit into your handbag or even your jacket pocket. There is a micro SD slot on the side of the tablet to supplement the device’s internal memory, and a headset jack at the top of the tablet that gives good quality sound. The tablet is quick to load, has four hours of charge time, although if you are using the wifi it does decrease a little and it is easy to navigate around the systems and apps. 

The screen display is clear and bright but not as crystal clear as you would get for a higher resolution more expensive models. This is one of the disadvantages of the tablet, the screen display and also the quality of the photos, as the front and back camera has 0.3 megapixel count which results in lower quality photos, you really have to make sure when you take any photos that you have the best light you possibly can. Having said that I really wouldn’t use my tablet for taking photo’s so this aspect doesn’t bother me, I just stick to using my iPhone or DSLR for taking any photos I want. 

Although it has these downsides it really doesn’t detract from the tablet’s usefulness, using the wifi to surf the net, playing angry birds (the kids have already found their favourite games to play on it!) watching You Tube (my teenager’s favourite app) and for me to use social media for my blog and to write posts in the most convenient portable way.  

I have been using this tablet over the past week and have found it easy to navigate, an essential feature for me as anything too technical or complicated does put me off, and also really good for using for writing up blog posts and using social media. While being an ideal little tablet for work it also has been really great for browsing the web, playing on games as well as doing my online banking. A perfect tablet for work as well as recreation, and a great addition to your holiday items as it is small enough to fit in your onboard luggage. This would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for a first tablet (adult or child) equally it would make a useful and portable blogging tool to take with you as I have found. The price is excellent and at under £70.00 it’s bound to be a popular choice this Christmas to put under the tree for a technology lover.

For all the information you need about this tablet or any other from Three Mobile just head over to the Three Mobile Tablet Range Page  where they are all listed in detail. 

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Tablet review

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Tablet review
Have You Tried The Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 7 Yet?

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  1. Tracy B
    July 14, 2015 / 8:41 pm

    oooh this looks really good, especially at that price. Great review!

    • July 15, 2015 / 4:15 pm

      Thanks Tracy, it's a great little tablet and such good value too 🙂

  2. Pam Francis Gregory
    July 17, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    Great price!

  3. kris
    July 29, 2015 / 9:42 am

    great price!

  4. July 30, 2015 / 10:12 pm

    Good value for the phone. Don't think I could give up my iPhone though!

  5. December 16, 2015 / 11:36 am

    ahhhhh just the thing … looking for a tablet for my daughter … refusse to pay apple prices … this is fab … will now be searching 🙂

  6. January 24, 2016 / 2:28 pm

    Do you find using the WordPress app better than any other way of blogging on the go ?

  7. January 26, 2016 / 12:16 pm

    thanks for sharing this review x

  8. February 12, 2016 / 9:47 pm

    Seems good value, I'll definitely be considering this. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous
    February 19, 2016 / 4:45 pm

    Seems practical being a compact size.

    Rachel Craig

  10. February 29, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    Looking for a new tablet
    So many on the market I'm confused
    Thanks for this review cheap and effective never had anything from this brand although my dad has a phone from them and it's still going well after 3 years thankyou for the review xx

  11. March 3, 2016 / 11:22 am

    Thanks for the review, the tablet marketplace is a minefield!

  12. March 30, 2016 / 7:57 am

    Thanks for the helpful review

  13. Philip Underwood
    April 23, 2016 / 8:58 am

    Thank you for this review. It includes lots of helpful information!