Sweet 16 Technology Birthday Gift Ideas

I have been sharing ideas for a Sweet 16 birthday (take a look at my Beauty Gift Guide Ideas post here) as Siobhan is going to be 16 next week and she loves to receive technology gifts so below is my round up of gifts that will be perfect for her. I really think Siobhan would be lost without all the technology she owns! On her essentials list is always wi-fi connections so it was really important to find a few new additions I know she will love. Siobhan just loves listening to music and fortunately the school she attends is very happy for students to listen on their phones to music while they work. I know an X-Box is on her gift wish list but we are going to gift both the girls one at Christmas and as it is not too far away I’m sure she won’t mind!
Technology Gifts For Sweet 16 Birthday

Her music is important to her and the 8GB MP3 Player With Camcorder from Bush is a great idea as not only can she store up to 1800 songs she can also record and watch her own video footage with the integrated camcorder. At £29.99 it’s a very reasonably priced technology gift available from Argos and I am certain that she will love it! 
With plenty of music to listen to one essential piece of kit is to have some good quality speakers and I have two great little speakers that fit that bill. The first is the Wireless Alba Speaker in a bright aqua colour, available from Argos at a very affordable £9.99 with bluetooth connectivity and also able to plug into other devices with the headphone slot. A great idea for a teen as it’s portable, light and gives a great sound. Also the bright colours look modern and stylish something I know Siobhan will love.
The second speaker is also wireless and from Amazon priced at £24.99 the Gear4 Espresso Speaker comes in six bright colours and gives exceptional sound quality for it’s diminutive size. As well as giving great sound the bluetooth enabled speaker has a brilliant feature for portability, a carabina style clip to secure it to take with you, ideal for a busy teen I know mine is going to love this style. 
I think I have passed my love of photography on to Siobhan as she has shown a real interest in taking photo’s over this last year and two gifts which will really appeal to her are the Vlog Star Volume 1 and the Eyefi Mobile. The Vlog Star Volume 1 from Amazon is priced at £12.99 and has everything you need to become a Vlog Star, a book of ‘how to’ and a nifty selfie tripod stand, I think this will inspire her to start filming on her camcorder and start her own blog! 
The Eyefi Mobi also from Amazon and priced at £33.33 for 8MB is a device to transfer photos from your camera to your other devices and has the handy feature of Eyefi Cloud storage ensuring you don’t loose any photo’s. My teen loves to take photos on her phone and her tablet and with this little SDHC card she can easily send them to her laptop (or to me!) and have the security of knowing if she did loose them somehow they are all backed up on the Eyefi Cloud.
One of my teen’s top gripes is the fact some of what we watch is very boring! As she doesn’t have Sky in her bedroom a great solution and to give her a little more freedom to watch what she wants is the Tablet Tv priced at £69.99. Portable and small the Tablet TV enables you to watch Freeview with no need for any subscriptions or cables, it’s not a tablet to watch TV on but a small battery powered tuner to pair with a tablet or laptop to watch your TV. It is wireless and takes no time to set-up and the feature I know she will love is the fact you can record programs and watch them later. The small tuner is able to pick up TV channels (once you have set the device up) with no buffering and no internet required to watch.  As it’s portable you can take it anywhere with you making it ideal for travel as well as for home use, it will work in any location there is Freeview connectivity. 

I am hoping she loves the choices and I can’t wait tot see her face when she opens up all the gifts!

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    Great ideas thank you as I have a few teenagers to buy for. My favourite is the Espresso speakers and they are now coming up on Amazon at £14 which is even better!

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    I love that your daughter's school allows music whilst working. Wish I'd had that!

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    I love the tablet TV -I think my daughter would love one. I think I will have add one as an extra present !

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