Spearmark Night Light & Lunch-Box Satchel Review

Ever since Lara has been little she has wanted to sleep with a night light, Siobhan on the other hand has never really needed one, she likes to have one in her room but can live without it. It’s funny how they can be so different as Lara finds it so hard to drift off without a little light in her room, just in case she drops a toy or needs to get up and find her way out! So when I had a lovely package arrive from Spearmark I was delighted to see plenty of different night lights for both my girls to try out, as well as some invaluable back to school lunch boxes.

Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review

Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review

Firstly the lights that both my girls just loved, the Sneaker Lights. What I really like is that you have the option to plug the light in or use batteries to power it and this means when your kids have a cabin bed (or ‘up’ bed as Lara calls them!) they can move the light around to suit them no matter how high the bed. The light doesn’t with batteries or a cable to plug it in, so make sure you have some AA batteries to hand and the light also features either a while illuminating light or a colour changing option. 

They look really cool in both their rooms and considering the 7 year age gap with my girls (9 and 15)  it’s a real treat to find! The retro feel of the Sneaker Light really appealed to the girls and the fact you can switch from white light to colour changing at night creates a great mood. The light is bright enough to gently illuminate the whole room while not being overly bright as you want a gentle light so they aren’t over stimulated and want to get up an play!

They are a good price at £14.99 and I think make a really good gift idea for Christmas or Birthdays, the batteries last for a really long time I am glad to say and have lasted us over three weeks of testing them out and baring in mind they have been used every night, sometimes all night with no need to change them. Another point to note is that the lights don’t get hot to the touch so no need to worry about little fingers getting to hot. 

Available from Argos reduced now to £12.99 
Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review

Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review
The next lights just gave my girls big smiles on their faces as they are the Minion Lights! Most parents will identify with kids (and teens!) love of all things Minions and especially after the latest movie being so recent, seeing the little Minion faces on the lights and the fact that they are colour changing or white light illuminating as well was just brilliant for the girls.
These little lights are also battery powered, portable and stay cool to touch really good for sleepovers and trips away to give the kids a little comfort when they are in new surroundings. We took the little Minion away with us when we went on holiday this Summer and I am so glad we did as it really helped in a new bedroom for Lara to find her way around and also it’s pretty scary sleeping somewhere new and from a kids point of view a little light like this one can make all the difference to having a good night.
At £7.99 each for a whole host of different characters not only can you can get Bob and Kevin from the Minions but also, Peppa Pig, TMNT, Angry Birds and Paw Patrol with lots of new products coming up for Christmas too. I know it’s a little early (I have already bought my first Christmas gift!!)  but I think these would make the perfect little stocking fillers for kids, and as they have batteries included even if they wake in the dark they can light up the rest of the contents of their stockings!
Available from Asda and Amazon
Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review

Spearmark Lights and Lunch Bags Review
Back to school for us this week meant the most favourite shopping trip all year – the back to school kit! New stationery, new lunch-box sets not to mention the all essential (as Lara always says!) cute little eraser collections! These vibrant Cool Bag Satchels from Spearmark are ideal as they are insulated, have a useful name plate on the front, are suprisingly spacious and are wipe clean. 
I like the fact they are a very modern design which lends itself to teens as well as younger kids too, both girls liked the design and Lara opted to use the carry handle on hers while Siobhan chose the strap across the body style. I was really glad that Siobhan felt the design and colours weren’t too young for her as these bags are so practical and really fit a lot of items in them, and as she has just transferred over to a school which has longer hours I was keen to ensure she had extra supplies incase she got hungry.
At £12.99 each these handy, versatile bags are a great back to school item and it makes me so happy when I find a brand who have lunch bags that suit both my girls, as they have seven years between them and very different tastes so a big thumbs up from me to Spearmark! 
Available from Amazon in red and pink.
All items and more can be found on the Spearmark website.
*The products in this post were provided for the purpose of this review however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*

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  1. September 6, 2015 / 2:52 pm

    I love the Sneaker nightlight, as a fan of Converse, it's just fantastic!