Sesderma C-Vit Eye Contour Patches

With Autumn firmly here it’s safe to say I am upping my my skin protection in a bid to keep the dry skin at bay. I notice a change in my skin as soon as it’s time to turn the heating back on as it feels so different, dry and so much less hydrated and I tend to use hydrating masks much more over this season. After trying out Sesderma C-Vit Eye Contour Patches in combination with my favourite mask I have to say my skin is feeling better already, this treatment claims to not only hydrate but lessen the look of crows-feet too – once I read this I was keen to try them right away!

Sesderma C-Vit Eye Contour Patches


“The award winning C-Vit range by Sesderma was established by a group of dermatologists in Spain and combines nanotechnology with ethyl ascorbic acid – the skincare industry’s most stable formulation of vitamin c makes it possible for skin to recover the brightness of younger looking skin, acquire an homogenous tone, combat the first signs of ageing and ensure the skin remains luminous and natural.”

Sesderma – listening To Your Skin 


How Much Are The Eye Patches?

The packet comes with 5 eye patch duos all sealed and ready for use for £18.20 available from many high street pharmacies and at the Sesderma UK website here.

How To Use The Sesderma Eye Patches 

After cleansing the face all you need to do is apply each patch underneath the eye (on the orbital bone) and around your crows feet (these were easy to find on my face!) That’s it. Now just relax for up to 15 minutes and let the patches do their magic. Once on the patches feel comfortable and quite cool to begin with and the Vitamin C packed gel is soaked within the patches, if you find as I did there is some left over gel in the pouch just add it to the patch (and surrounding skin) once you have applied them both.

The fragrance as you would imagine is fruity and zesty and the added Ginkgo Biloba being rich in Vitamin E helps with anti ageing and hydration in combination with the hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t take long for the gel to absorb – although this could be because my skin is very dehydrated, and once in place the patches feel comfortable. There is some residual gel left over after the 15 minutes and I just smoothed it into the skin with my ring finger rather than remove it. All in all they are easy to use and ideal to add into a weekly facial.

Sesderma C-Vit Eye contour patches

Sesderma C-Vit eye contour patches

Results Of The Sesderma Eye Patches

Using the eye patches from Sesderma expect to notice an improvement in the whole eye area, over time they help to protect and nourish the delicate skin around the eye and immediately they will help improve dark circles,  signs of fatigue and texture too. As Sesderma products are created by internationally renowned dermatologists it was no surprise that the results were exceptional targeting specific skincare concerns and in terms of those results, I was pleasantly surprised at the positive and visible results to my skin.

The price point is very affordable (Just over £3.50 per duo) as I would use the five individually wrapped eye duo’s as part of a weekly facial. I like the fact it targets anti-ageing as well as hydration and having used them over the course of the last few weeks I have noticed a positive difference to the skin around my eye area.

As with most skincare brands they recommend you follow using the eye patches with their branded eye cream –   C-Vit Eye Contour Cream. As I didn’t have this I used my own, Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream (which I have been seeing great results from) which felt lovely on after having the eye patches on for 15 minutes.

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