September Equinox – Celebrating Autumn & Farewell To Summer

As the Autumn Equinox draws near it’s a time to say good-buy to Summer and embrace the beginning of Autumn with it’s longer nights. This year the Equinox is on September 23rd at 08.22 GMT. The latin meaning of the Equinox is ‘time of equal days and nights’ and it’s after this time that the nights get longer and the days shorter. A time to get your cosiest jumper out sipping a hot chocolate (or warm cider!) and enjoying the bounty of harvest fruits on offer outdoors.

“Autumn is a second Spring, where every leaf is a flower”
Albert Camus

Every year on the eve and early morning of the Autumn Equinox Druids, New Age Tribes and Pagans gather together at Stonehenge to welcome in the sunrise and celebrate by watching the sun rise over the ancient stones. Longer colder nights await us after the Autumn Equinox and for anyone who has an interest in astrology, the Equinox falls on the date that the sun enters the astrological sign of Libra representing the scales giving a perfect balance of day and night. Our oldest daughter was born on the 24th September and her personality is perfectly balanced, a typical Libra so every year on the Autumn Equinox it’s a special time for our household!

Autumn Equinox, saying good buy to summer and tips for moving into Autumn

Autumn Equinox, saying good buy to summer and tips for moving into Autumn

The Autumn Equinox signifies a time to change leading up to the full moon or the harvest moon, where traditionally farmers would harvest their crops and have a second celebration of the changes during Autumn. Spiritually many believe the eve of the Autumn Equinox is the time when with the perfect balance of the day and night spirits can communicate with the living with ease. 

Autumn Equinox, saying good buy to summer and tips for moving into Autumn

Embracing and welcoming Autumn there are many things we can do to celebrate the change in seasons, it’s one of my favourite times of year in the UK when the crisp mornings and earlier darker evenings are a time to enjoy the simpler things in life. A few ideas of inspiration to celebrate the arrival of Autumn are:

  • Get out into the colourful outdoors and harvest your own fruit bounty, with plenty of blackberries around it’s hard not to be tempted to head out with the kids to pick some of the fruits and why not try out some of my favourite blackberry recipes:
  1. Apple and Blackberry Cupcakes 
  2. Easy Homemade Blackberry Jelly
  3. Individual Baked Blackberry Cheesecakes
  • Another foodie idea to try is pumpkin, why not get creative and make some pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones or how about some tasty pumpkin cupcakes (see below for a link to my recipe) You can use all of the vibrant orange pumpkin, why not try roasting your own seeds, it’s easy to do and a tasty snack for the family. 
  1. Pumpkin Cupcakes With A Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Taking time to go for long walks with the children at the many free parks around the UK gives plenty of inspiration to find and collect Autumn treasures such as conkers and brightly coloured leaves. Don’t let them go to waste as there are a whole host of crafty things to make with your collected treasure, spending the morning collecting them you can while away a fun afternoon painting, decorating and displaying your artwork together. It’s a fun thing to do with your kids and time together that is so precious.
  • Collating a list of ‘things to do’ and prioritising them can give you such clarity. It’s a good idea to get organised with the start of Autumn and start as you mean to go on, plan and implement all those chores that need to be actioned. 
  • Why not get your family and friends together to celebrate the ‘Harvest Moon’ and hold a special get together supper, you can include all the seasonal fruits and vegetables and all get involved in making a delicious feast to share.  It’s a lovely way to get the children involved in having a fun gathering and they could even decorate the table with crafts they have collected while out walking such as fir cone name place holders and dried leaf menu planners. There are so many great ideas for a pretty, authentic and natural table decoration from all that Autumn offers and it’s a fun way to get the children involved.

I hope this has given you some ideas for the transition from Summer to Autumn it needn’t be a negative process as there are so many positive aspects about Autumn.

Autumn Equinox, saying good buy to summer and tips for moving into Autumn

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