Halloween Costumes For Kids & Teens From Sainsbury’s

There are plenty of options for dressing up this Halloween in the shops and I just love the options this year from Sainsbury’s, great outfit designs all at reasonable prices. Both are important as my girls look for cool ideas for what to wear for trick or treating and Halloween parties and I like to find shops that offer great value for money. So it’s a win – win with the costumes from Sainsbury’s this Autumn.
Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens

Lara was so excited to see that one of the costumes came with a blue wig! It’s the little things that make kids so happy and she loved accessorising with the spider web tights and the cute enchanted cat bag. It was a tie between the girls who liked the bat mask the most but a bit tricky to go over Lara’s glasses.
I won’t lie they have already worn the outfits while we were out doing a quick shop at the local supermarket and they really didn’t bat an eyelid at the stares they got from fellow shoppers. I think it’s a credit to the costumes that they didn’t care about what people thought as they felt (and so did I!) that they looked great in them. There is something special about playing make believe and dressing up when you are young (even our teen enjoyed it!) and let’s face it it’s not the every day get up our kids usually wear so when they do dress up it’s a big thing.
Last year we ended up going trick or treating just around our local neighbourhood and the kids dressed up and loved the whole experience. I think there is something about the fact that they were trick or treating in the dark, all dressed up and also the neighbours had really made an effort to decorate their houses. The rule of thumb around here is if you have a decorated pumpkin in your window on Halloween evening you have some trick or treat sweets waiting! I felt a little bad as we had one in our window but were out trick or treating ourselves so weren’t in to give out our own waiting cauldron of sweets.
This year we are prepared with costumes and sweets waiting to give out to the young trick or treaters in the neighbourhood, and this time the OH is waiting at home while I take the girls out to trick or treat so he can give out the sweets! We may have to pop back for a costume change as Lara has two Sainsbury’s outfits to choose from, the Zombie Witch and the Vampire costume. The Zombie Witch costume has a very cool bright blue wig with it (which Lara absolutely loves!) and has a creepy veil attached too. On the Vampire costume if you press the brooch on the waist it makes very Halloweeny sounds of wailing and moaning which is a fun touch, and it also comes with a very fetching bat mask.
You have to have something to collect up all your treats while out trick or treating and Lara is well prepared with the Enchanted Cat Bag, so much so she has been taking it everywhere with her this weekend to test it out!
Even though Siobhan is 16 she isn’t left out on the Halloween celebrations and likes to accompany her little sister, the draw of lots of sweets is too much to pass up! I think she looks great dressed as a Vampire and it’s the first time I have seen her in a dress in a long time! She didn’t even complain about wearing the dress which I was glad of (she’s a bit anti-dresses!) and she loved the little details on the outfit such as the sleeves, the brooch and the huge Vampire collar.
I think the girls look great in their outfits and it is very good value for the quality of the items, well worth having a look at the range as there are plenty more in store and online to choose from.

Sainsbury’s Halloween Outfits 2015

  • Spooky Spiderweb Tights £2.00
  • Kids Vampire costume (comes with bat mask and sound effects on the brooch) £11.00
  • Kids Zombie Witch Costume (comes with blue wig) £11.00
  • Enchanted Cat Bag £8.00
  • Adult Vampire Costume £17.00
For these outfit ideas and plenty more just head to the Sainsbury’s Halloween range by Tu for some Halloween inspiration.
Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens



Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens


Sainsbury's Halloween Outfits for kids and teens

Have You Bought Any Costumes For Your Kids For Halloween Yet?

*The Halloween costumes from Sainsbury’s were sent to me for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*
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  1. Tracy
    October 20, 2015 / 7:11 pm

    Oh, I love the blue hair!!

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    Both look fab, I particularly like the bat mask 🙂

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    I bought my kids Halloween costumes from Sainsburys!

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    Amazing, and not that costly! Well found!

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    oh i just love the blue hair.. they look great in the costumes too

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    these are fab, now do they do an adults blue wig 😀 x

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    It was never a big thing until recently. Never heard of Halloween when I was growing up

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    What fabulous outfits love the mask and blue wig x

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    My kids would have loved these when they were younger (my daughter still would :-))

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    Love the pictures! I want the blue hair.

    Kirsty Fox

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    This Halloween I bought a funny witches legs bowl that moves and says sayings was funny when kids were truick in r treating, they loved it x

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    Halogen done and dusted it'll soon be christmas x

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    I love Halloween costumes and accessories, I'm a bit of an old goth, so I stock up on tights, etc

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    Good job the weather was good – not like this weekend!

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    Pumpkin soup is yummy x

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    Good to see from your pictures of Halloween that you enjoyed it – at the end of the day, that's what matters

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    Favorite from the pictures has to be the blue hair – absolutely brilliant 🙂

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    You could swap and switch these outfits around next year they're great fun x

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    It's such fun to dress the kids up! I found Sainsbury's to have a good selection.

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    My wife isn't very keen on Halloween. If there's a Halloween equivalent of Scrooge – that's her 🙂

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