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Earlier last month I posted a competition in collaboration with Studio Canal to win a whole host of goodies inspired by the film Room, out this week (January 15th) by the acclaimed director Lenny Abrahamson. I have had an early ‘home screening’ of the movie and I can tell you it is one to keep you enthralled and there are outstanding performances from Brie Larson who plays Joy and Jacob Tremblay who plays her son Jack. It’s an emotional film which takes the viewer on quite a journey and at times I was tearful at the touching performances and script especially Jacob Tremblay, whose outstanding acting make you empathise so much with his character.  I would be very surprised if he didn’t win the awards he has been nominated for and he is certainly an actor to watch, at times you forget he was only nine when he made this film.

The story unfolds that Joy has been incarcerated by ‘Old Nick’ played by Sean Bridgers seven years ago, and has had a child Jack as a result. She was just 17 years old when she was kidnapped by Old Nick and Jack believes that the room they inhabit is all that there is in this world. The dismal and squalid room they live in is just four walls, no windows with one skylight, and although Jack is allowed to watch the TV, Joy (or Ma as Jack calls her) has convinced Jack that it is all magic or make believe and that all that there is in the world is the four walls that protect them and of course Old Nick. 

Room The Movie Review By My Family Ties Blog

The film is told in the eyes of Jack and through a series of life changing moments Jack and Ma discover a way out, away from Room and Old Nick. It is really captivating watching Jacob Tremblay convey his feelings as Jack seeing the world for the first time, a world he believed for all his five years was simply make believe. What follows is a tender portrayal of how relationships are healed when such a tragedy occurs, each character is brilliantly portrayed and the viewer is drawn in to feel his raw emotions. 

Without giving away the whole story and spoiling it for you, when you do go to see this movie take some tissues with you, it’s an emotional film and a cinematic triumph. The story does really captivate your imagination, and that is a sign of any good movie to draw you in and make you empathise and be taken on a journey through the portrayal of the characters.  Being a mum of a 9 year old only makes this film even more touching to me as I can imaging my own child and how she would feel in such a situation. 

The film concludes quite aptly when Ma and Jack return to their place of incarceration, where Jack still fondly thinks of as his only past home – Room. In fact the purpose built shed when they arrive seems so small to them and Jack wonders if it has indeed shrunk. Saying goodbye to Room seems to be for Jack and Ma, the beginning of their new life together, a life where they can embrace the world that has always been hidden and form new friendships and mend old ones. From the music, the cinematography to the wonderful acting this film had me spellbound to the end, a 2016 must see.  

The wonderful acting and brilliant writing make this film one to see this year, and if you get the chance to I would highly recommend watching. The film is released on January 15th and don’t forget to head to my competition page for a chance to win some merchandise from the movie plus a DVD pack from Studio Canal. To get an idea of the film take a look below at the trailer to see if it’s a movie you would like to see. 

Room The Movie Review By My Family Ties Blog
Room The Movie Review By My Family Ties Blog

* We were provided with the Room movie to watch at home for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions remain my own.*
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