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Over the Summer the girls have been catching up on some of their favourite (unread!) novels and one of the anticipated novels for them both was this gem from Disney – A Whole New World A Twisted Tale, sent to us by Parragon Books. We have had some great books to review from Parragon Books including a Disney Descendants Novel which we loved.  A Whole New World : A Twisted Tale from Disney is aimed at an age range of 12-16 and 384 pages long, this epic novel tells the tale of an alternative journey for Aladdin. One which sees him never finding the lamp when instead Jafar manages to get his hands on the magic lamp and become all powerful. This is the first in a series of Twisted Tales from Disney (and Marvel) to give a fresh approach to some Disney favourites and ideal for tweens and young adults to enjoy.

Parragon Books have kindly sent this novel for us to read and give our thoughts as part of a Parragon Book Buddy panel they have put together and it was perfect timing during the Summer holiday as both my girls had a chance to read it. Lara our 10 year old has just turned the corner with her reading and has become so much more confident and proficient at reading and Siobhan our 16 year old just loves to read and gets through at least four books a week! Both girls found themselves really engrossed in the book and enjoyed it immensely, with it’s easy to read style and engaging text it’s a real page turner.

Parragon Book Buddies : A Whole New World

Disney A Whole New World A Twisted Tale Novel

A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale by Disney

The fact it’s a twist on a classic makes it different too, as it challenged what they already knew about the story of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and the running theme of love and power kept them interested right to the end. It took Lara a little longer to read than it did Siobhan but as she is not used to reading such long novels it was no surprise. The dark and mysterious graphics spilled over from the cover of the novel to the pages which is a great touch and we also were sent a very sweet little necklace of the genie’s lamp which looks lovely on. For £6.99 this novel is ideal for confident readers and keeps you guessing until the end (will Aladdin win in his fight for freedom against Jafar?)

It also has a lot of humour in the novel which both girls picked up on. A hugely popular book in our house and after having a taste of the collection my girls are keen to read the whole series. As you can tell from the photo below Lara loves to read with our cat near by and even read out loud to her too! Certainly a book to look out for if your child/young adult/tween are looking for something a little different and for the younger readers a little more challenging.

Disney A Whole New world: A Twisted Tale


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