Look what we found on the way home from school…

 We decided that he looked like a ‘Bert’.
 I explained to the girls that yes it was very lucky to have a bird poo on your hand, they weren’t convinced but humoured me. 
 ‘Bert’ flew onto Siobhan’s jacket much to her complete delight!

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My Daughter and Autism

Years ago, when I was pregnant with Siobhan I contracted glandular fever. Since then I have blamed myself time and again, if only I hadn’t been ill, taken better care, things could have been different. Siobhan may not have got ASD maybe…. Like you do with a problem, you search for the root cause, the culprit of this condition that causes Siobhan so much anxiety.

As a mum there is a natural default that it must somehow be your fault, you need someone to blame, and by dissecting your health problems during pregnancy voilĂ , you have cracked it, that is the reason, that awful virus you had is the villain.

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Today was a trip to the cinema as my girls have been eager to go and see the marvel that is Maleficent.
It is so easy to get yourself sorted before you even get to the cinema these days, with a few clicks online you have booked, paid and chosen your seats.
All that’s left to do is be on time, collect your tickets with the self service point at Cineworld and enjoy the movie.

Presented by The Science Museum  – The Energy Show

Derngate Theatre, Northampton
We went to see The Energy Show at the Derngate Theatre, Northampton this week and the girls were so exited about going.
Let’s blow some thing up!
Lab-assistant Bernard
The set looked like a huge workshop full of gadgets and draws full of more gadgets and equipment, with a huge TV screen looking out to us the audience.
The Set
An announcement was made before we entered the theatre to let us know to switch off our phones in-case they got scrambled with all the experiments, and this led to some frantic searching for our phones,  as our girls made sure we followed orders and turned them off, just in case.  This set the anticipation up very well and started the evening off with the girls on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would unfold next.

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My Midweek Winner

I like to cook different dishes to get my girls used to lots of flavours and although they were both horrified that I was putting cider in this dish, there was not a bit of it left on their plates afterwards, result! This dish has been declared the top family favourite in our house, the best meal ever says Lara, high praise from a picky critic.

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