Organic Skincare From Spiezia Organics

Over the last few years I have found that organic natural skincare has much more of a positive difference to my skin so when Spiezia Organics sent me a Facial Discovery Kit to try I was excited to get started and sample the range. What’s not to love about this kit! All perfect trial sized products in a pretty and useful fabric make-up bag with a lovely quote on the back of ‘Smile Beauty Comes From Within” this would make such a lovely and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea and the presentation of this is so perfect to gift. The box of five organic products are all housed in the presentation box which has a tied ribbon closure, and it is wrapped carefully with tissue paper in the cosmetic bag, it makes a great gift.

Spiezia Organic Skincare Review photos by My Family Ties Blog

Spiezia Organic Skincare Review photos by My Family Ties Blog

Spiezia Organic Skincare Review photos by My Family Ties Blog

Daily Radiance Cleansing Balm 

I have been using cleansing balms more and more over the last year so I was keen to try out this natural balm which is suitable for all skin types. The trick with balms is you only need a little each time as it goes such a long way, the heat of your skin will help to apply it well and once I had swept some onto my skin it was a real pleasure to use. Using the balm felt like a real treat for the skin as it’s so hydrating (with coconut oil) as well as being an effective cleanser. The scent is a clean and fresh one with eucalyptus and the warm scent of cloves. I found it took off my make-up very well and although the 10ml is small it really does last well as you only need a little at a time.

Brightening Facial Exfoliator

Using an enzyme based exfoliator over the last month in my skincare routine has become the norm, so it was a little strange to go back to the traditional grainy style of scrub, although this is not at all what I was expecting. The exfoliator from Spiezia is very gentle and suitable for all skin types even my sensitive skin, and contains natural chamomile stamens with rose, jojoba, coconut oil, calendula and vanilla to help buff the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. On first glance it looked very unusual, the dark colour of the scrub and the chamomile stamens were different but on applying to the face and neck the solution feels lovely. Easy to use and after I washed it off my skin felt so soft and refreshed. I would definitely use it again and loved the results.

Daily Moisturising Balm

The beauty of this balm to moisturise the skin is that it is full of rich ingredients to heal and protect the skin.  Carrot and wheatgerm oil help the balm glide on so well and also aid repair and elasticity to the skin. I love the fragrance of the balm with sweet orange and ylang ylang it’s very refreshing and I have been using the balm not just on my face but on my hands too as it’s so moisturising. 

Rose & Vanilla Face Oil

I used this every night in place of my night cream and although an oil, it sank into my skin really well and didn’t leave an oily film. Another product which is suitable for all skin types and the mixture of jojoba and wheatgerm oils help to restore balance and hydrate the skin very well. Rose buds and vanilla smell absolutely divine and this is a true pampering for the skin as each time I used it my skin felt beautifully smooth the next morning. You can use this morning and night and it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. 

Floral Skin Toner

This natural toner is perfect for sweeping over the face after cleansing or for refreshing the skin during the day. With sage, lavender and chamomile the alcohol free toner has a very fresh scent and is very soothing on my sensitive skin.

A very indulgent and pampering skincare kit from Spiezia Organic Skincare and I am looking forward to trying out some more of their range. If you would like more information on the Spiezia Organic skincare range just head to their website here.
Spiezia Organic Skincare Review photos by My Family Ties Blog

Spiezia Organic Skincare Review photos by My Family Ties Blog

*Thank you to Spiezia Organic Skincare for the products. All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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