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Since my OH grew a beard he has become quite particular about keeping it neat and tidy and it hasn’t been long since he was shaving every morning either as it’s only had just over two months growth. When I say neat and tidy he has had a couple of weeks respite while on holiday but now back to work he likes to keep the beard manageable and tidy for the office. Step in the Braun Precision Trimmer which allows for speedy beard trimming as well as very precise edges. Not only can he shape and tidy his beard now but it’s also handy for eyebrows and any other stray facial hair that he wants to be rid of!

Braun Precision Trimmer

Never having grown such a long beard and moustache before my OH was keen to find a grooming tool to keep it all under control and he has found the Braun trimmer very useful as it is fast and efficient. With three main tools to trim and shape in long, short and very precise he found it simple to use, easy to store as it is very slimline and comes with it’s own stand and even comes with a battery supplied so you can use it straight out of the box.  For £14.99 this slimline unit is very good value for money as it really does do what it claims very well. Considering the amount of some good quality razors this Braun Trimmer compares really well to use maintaining the look and shape of facial hair.

Manscaping with Braun stylers

Braun Grooming Essentials

Braun Body Grooming Kit 

Why stop at the face? There is a gadget for keeping all body hair in shape and my OH has been trying out the Braun Body Grooming kit which epilates, trims and shaves in one handy unit. Useful as you can use it wet or dry making it ideal to use in the shower and it comes with a shaver head as well as a trimmer and epilator. When I told my OH that an epilator was the equivalent of using 40 tweezers to remove all the hairs from whichever body part needed, he was expecting pain! But anyone who has used an eplilator will know you do get used to the sensation and it’s not that painful. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the unit and I love the fact it comes with a light so you can get a good view of the hairs as you guide the epilator.

Having the flexibility to use the shaver head, the trimmer head as well as the epilator gives greater range as well as being very good value for money. Epliation is very effective at removing fine hairs as well as thicker hair and the beauty is eplilation removes from the root and lasts 3 – 6 weeks. Just remember to exfoliate prior to reduce any ingrown hairs and prepare the skin. I have found once you have removed any unwanted body hair from an area using a soothing tea tree gel (or something similar) over the treated area helps to calm and soothe the skin.

My Oh found this nifty little unit easy to navigate and he really liked the results, for £129.99 we both feel it’s good value for money considering the cost of waxing the areas at a salon monthly plus you are able to groom, trim and remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home. You can charge the groomer up for 40 minutes continual use and use in the shower if needed, we found it very easy to clean and the easy to use control dial can be used with one hand if necessary. Certainly something to consider if successfully removing unwanted hair, as well as grooming and trimming is something you are looking for. Having never used a unit with an integrated epiliator before my OH found it easy to use himself and very speedy too, with two speeds you can decide how fast you want it to remove the hair and again as with the Precision Trimmer it does what it claims to do. A great all rounder for men who are looking for a multi function groomer.

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Braun Body Grooming Ideas

Manscaping with Braun

Braun Body Grooming


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