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Look Fantastic offer a variety of face, hair and body treats in each box you buy, and you can have the option to buy a single one off box as and when you like, or to sign up for the subscription box service and have one delivered every month.

In the February edition there were six lovely offerings from Look Fantastic and given that their website have an extensive range of hair, beauty and body essentials, it’s no wonder that the products were all great brands.

A mix of great skincare products, hair products and body care products in one monthly subscription box, I like the idea of this beauty box that offers you a cost efficient way to try out new hair, face and body treats. The box is £15.00 and the 6 products inside are worth a huge £48.00 ! 


Moroccanoil Treatment £13.45

When I opened the box to see this I was so happy as I love this iconic product, my hairdresser uses it on my hair, I use it daily and even both my daughters use it now. If you haven’t used it yet what it will do for your hair is tame any frizz, smooth the hair and it really helps to detangle your hair like no other product I have used.  The scent of the treatment is lovely and very distinguishable, and lasts too. 

As my hair is quite fine I find I have to keep brushing it out all day long, when I use Morroccanoil I find I don’t have to do this as much, and it gives a beautiful shine to the hair as well.  My youngest daughter has hair down to her waist and it is quite flyaway and this treatment is brilliant on her hair as it tames the flyaway’s and detangles as well.

Lastly I would say I really liked the size of the bottle, as I already have the larger version so I could fit it in my handbag and use it on the go.  

PawPaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm – Oringinal Balm 10 g Sample Size (Full Size £6.95 25g)

A multi-purpose balm to use on lips, skin or hair, the main ingredient is fermented PawPaw. This balm has quite a cult following and I can see why as it so versatile, fragrance free (you can get tinted fragranced balms) and very moisturising. You can even use it as a nappy barrier cream and after sun, as it offers a great barrier protection for the skin. 

I am a little addicted to lip balms, so I was more than happy to see a brand I haven’t tried, and this appeals as it can be a unisex product, and being multipurpose very handy to have in your handbag for any blemishes or dry patches that need a little extra attention.

This skincare gem has already prompted me to buy another as both my daughters absolutely love it as much as I do! It is quite thick and stays on really well though the day, and I love the benefit that you can use it for any dry skin problem on the face or body, a very handy little lip balm. 

Korres Citrus Body Milk – 50ml Sample Size (full size £10 100ml)

From Korres a Citrus Body Milk to moisturise and hydrate the skin leaving a clean fresh scent. What I liked about the body milk was that it is free from mineral oil, silicone and parabens and has almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to moisturise and keep the skin smooth and supple. 

What surprised me about this moisturiser is that I thought it would be a stronger lemon scent, I felt that it was quite a masculine fragrance, and that is very refreshing as it is a welcome change from the more feminine scents.

The generous sample size gives you a really good chance to have a few days to try the body moisturiser, and what I noticed was that it helped with the drier areas and gave a much smoother feel to my skin. 

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar – Travel Size Bar 17g (Full Size £45.00)

There has been a lot of hype about this cult brand and Erno Laszlo has a huge following so it was great to try one of the most popular products the Deep Cleansing Bar.  The soap itself is 97% natural and will exfoliate, stimulate and cleanse your skin without harshly stripping the skin of it’s natural oils.  Using deep sea mud to cleanse the skin it also boasts 26 different natural minerals to give your complexion a real glow.

Even though it was a small travel sized bar, it lasts really well as you only need a little each time you use it. Well worth trying this cleansing bar out, to give a clean glowing complexion.

Monu illuminating Primer SPF15 Sample Size 20ml (Full Size £ 27.95 50ml)

I have used Monu products before, and while I was doing my beauty therapy training I was lucky enough to try out some of their products when we had a Monu therapist visit to talk about the brand. The ethical nature of Monu appeals to me as they use no synthetic scents or colours and focus on plenty of natural ingredients to nourish the skin.

The Monu Illuminating Primer is the ideal primer for your make-up giving a lovely sheen to the skin, it’s non-sticky and helps to even out your complexion. It gives a lovely glow to the skin and was perfect not only on my skin but on my teenage daughter’s skin as well.  Either wear it alone or under your usual make-up to give a lovely glow. 

BellaPiere Cosmetics Mineral Make-Up – Natural Eye Liner – Charcoal £14.00 Full Size

A full sized BellaPiere eye liner in charcoal was the last product in the box, and the eye liner is 100 % formulated with pure minerals, and natural waxes. BellaPiere are one of the brands to watch as they are one of the fastest growing mineral make up brands in the world.

I would usually choose a black eye pencil so it was a refreshing change to use this charcoal colour for a change, it’s a less harsh colour that blended well and stayed on very well too throughout the day.  The pigments in the eye liner are very intense and this helps to achieve the look you want even with a lighter shade, this is the type of quality you would expect from the larger brands such as BellaPiere, and makes all the difference in the longevity of your daily make-up. 

So there you have it, the February Look Fantastic Box full of products to try out both sample sizes and full sized products and it’s always good to be able to try out products you wouldn’t usually choose yourself as you may just love them.

Have you tried out the Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes Yet?

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