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I have been searching for the perfect lamp duo for our bedroom for some time now, I just couldn’t find a pair of lamps that were the perfect ‘fit’ for the space, it’s not easy to both agree or compromise on a look when you have such different tastes. My OH does leave most of the decoration up to me but I do want to take his taste into consideration, and the extensive range of lamps from Lighting Majestic gave me plenty of choice to choose the right pair. I was looking for some inspiration for lighting solutions in our bedroom so I was glad to find plenty with Lighting Majestic. 

Lighting Majestic Mosaic Lamp Review Photos by My Family Ties Blog

Once I had a good look at what Lighting Majestic had on offer (they have a huge selection on their website) I narrowed it down to a few of my favourites and checked with my OH that they weren’t too girly for him! It’s tough for him really as he lives in our home with three ladies so most of the house is quite feminine, but our bedroom has quite a lot of monochrome items and decoration as I am sympathetic to his tastes. When I spotted the Mosaic Decorative Pair Of Table Lamps I knew they were perfect for the room as they look so stylish, and the polished chrome with the black lamp shade works really well with the mosaic design. 

The lampshade itself looks almost as if it has a soft brushed effect on the fabric and gently reflects the light with a slight sheen. Our bedroom can be quite dark so any decorations that bounce the light make the room look so much better, so the polished chrome and mosaic design were ideal for reflecting the light. Another plus point for me is the lampshades themselves are large as this is the look I wanted for the room, I think the style really suits the room. The cords are (thankfully!) long which I so value as quite often when you do buy a lamp, this is something you don’t get to test out or check before buying. 

As for the dimensions of the lamp they are 54cm high, 22cm in width and come packed very carefully with the lamp and lamp-shade separate for you to assemble. The order was quick to arrive (delivered within three days) and the whole process was friendly and professional. The table lamps come as a pair with both black and silver lamp-shade finishes, and are priced at £105.60 and for this I feel you do get very good value for money. The lamps are not too heavy either and have a handy switch on the cord itself for a simple on/off when you need to. I have been so impressed with the finish of the lamps and love the way they take pride of place in our bedroom.  Now it’s on to the living room which is our next room to decorate!

Mosaic Polished Chrome Pair Of Lamps With A Black Lampshade Photos By My Family Ties Blog

Mosaic Polished Chrome Pair Of Lamps With A Black Lampshade Photos By My Family Ties Blog

Mosaic Polished Chrome Pair Of Lamps With A Black Lampshade Photos By My Family Ties Blog

Mosaic Polished Chrome Pair Of Lamps With A Black Lampshade Photos By My Family Ties Blog
* We were provided with PR samples which I have used within this post. However all thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory
    November 22, 2015 / 7:59 pm

    Some lovely lamps.

  2. November 23, 2015 / 10:56 am

    Would love to have this lamp in my bedroom! Such a beautiful design!

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