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What a selection in the June Degustabox and I have left it a little longer this time as we have been trying all of the items out and it’s taken a little longer than I thought. If you are new to Degustabox it’s a food and drink subscription service that you can sign up to and get your box delivered every month for £12.99 per month, the twist is all the 12-15 products you will receive in the box are a total surprise so you really don’t know what you are getting each month. 

The items are all new to the market, from either new brands or existing brands, you get to try them out for much less than you would in the supermarket, and I have discovered many products that I would have passed over in the shops but have really liked, enough many times to go out and buy again.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Brioche Pasquier 2 x £1.70

I have tried products from the range before and my girls just loved them, so much so that I have bought them several times more for them to have after school as a treat. So when I unwrapped the box and they saw some new products they were delighted! First was the Pitch Chocolate 6 pack, a brioche with a chocolate and hazelnut filling free from artificial nasties and very tasty. Also from Brioche Pasquier is the Pitch Chocolate Chip 4 Pack, brioche rolls which are all individually wrapped making them ideal to transport for picnics or packed lunches. They went down a storm in our house as the kids just loved them, I would certainly buy them if I see them during my next shop.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Melba Thins Multigrain £1.39

We did try the Melba Thins in a previous box and Siobhan loved them so much that they have become a fixture in her daily lunch boxes, so I was happy to see a variation. With a Multigrain thin all neatly wrapped in bundles to keep them fresh ready to add to your lunch. They are really tasty with some salad vegetables or ham, and I use them as a between meal snack for the kids or for me during the day.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Kallo 1 x £1.69 1 x 70p

I like the Kallo range and I have tried a few different products, we tried the sea salt and vinegar (Lara’s all time favourite flavour!) and I really liked the whole grain rice and corn flavour and it makes a refreshing change from crisps, also each packet is less than 100 calories and very low in fat, a really great alternative to the usual packet of crisps. Also from Kallo was the chocolate thins, they taste so very different to what I thought and I liked the taste of sweet from the chocolate against the slightly savoury rice cake.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Vybe Juice £1.89 100% Coconut Water

It’s such a popular choice in our house to have some coconut water, it’s so tasty and refreshing so I was keen to put this new (to me) brand though it’s paces. It is 100% coconut water and tasted really good the only downside was the container itself, tricky to open and close the lid and a bit fiddly, it’s a small thing but we all agreed it let’s the product down as it was something we all noticed. The taste was a little different to others I have tried, a little stronger taste of coconut, and Vybe Juice vow to donate a litre of drinking water to those who need it for every litre of coconut water sold, a very noble cause that will certainly get people reaching for this product over others for its charitable work.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Rekorderlig Strawberry, Lime Cider £1.49

After trying this cider I’m off to buy some more right away as it’s so perfect for the Summer, very refreshing and who knew strawberry and lime went together so perfectly? Such a great accompaniment to any occasion and a perfect evening drink at 4% alcohol, I am not a big drinker but this is an ideal drink to have in stock for me as it is so drinkable and refreshing.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Coconom Organic Sugar £3.25
Made from 100% coconut tree blossom sap, a great natural alternative to sugar, it has no artificial ingredients at all and is ethically sourced, vegan and soil association approved. The sugar I tried had added ginger and although it sounds like it will be very much tasting like coconut it actually does taste like a sweet caramel, we really enjoyed making some tasty brownies with it in place of the usual sugar and I have to say I much prefer the flavour, I would love to try the sugar without the added ginger too though.

I made some really tasty Chocolate Ginger Brownies with this Organic Sugar, see the photo below, head over to my Chocolate Ginger Brownie recipe post for all the details on how to make the recipe.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box, Chocolate Ginger brownie Recipe

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Zeo 2 x £1.29

There were two flavours peach and grapefruit and zesty lime, both are 98% spring water with natural fruit extracts and added stevia for sweetness. I like the idea of the drinks being carbonated water with natural ingredients and the lime drink was my favourite, very fresh and fruity but the peach and grapefruit left a slightly bitter aftertaste and wasn’t as tasty.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Icycl 1 x £2.50

An ice lolly for grown ups! Frozen vodka icepops and such a unique idea to aim at the adults, I liked the idea of the product (even though my girls were horrified it was strictly grown ups only!) and it was really different to give it a try, what a great idea for a Summer party.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Love Chin Chin £1.00
Fro West Africa comes a sweet snack called Love Chin Chin, we tried the cinnamon flavour and it is like a cross between a biscuit and a cake, crunchy and soft at the same time and 100% natural ingredients a very tasty snack and different to anything else I have tried.

Degustabox June Food Subscription box

Another month and it’s been good to try a selection of new to the market products all ideal for packing a picnic with, a few new products to try for us and several I would buy again which is always a good sign.
If you do decide to try the subscription box out use the code below to get the box for £9.99, saving £3.00.

If you would like more information on the Degustabox Subscription service head to the Degustabox website here, where you will find all the information you need to get your box delivered.

As a new customer the lovely folk at Degustabox have given a discount coupon of £3 off your first box so you can try it out for yourself, if you use the following code; 

Discount Coupon £3.00 off – FGWEN

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