HelloFresh: Family Box – Beef Roly Polys Mexican Style

Eating family meals together is high on my agenda, we are not one of those families who cook separate meals for different family members – don’t get me wrong there are some things that we all just don’t like the taste of (so we leave out) but on the whole it’s one meal for all and at least one day a week we have a new dish from somewhere around the world to keep it interesting. When HelloFresh got in touch to see if I would like to try out their (just fabulous) service I had no hesitation to try as I knew the whole family would enjoy the whole experience and cooking together is so much fun and always encourages empty plates. If you are new to HelloFresh  as I was, it’s a brilliant concept for couples, singles and families alike to try out some new recipes to add to your repertoire with fresh produce delivered to your door.

Hello fresh review

Hello Fresh review

What is the HelloFresh concept?

Quite simply to provide and deliver fresh ingredients  to your door (with free delivery) along with clear cooking instructions so you can cook delicious meals at home for you and your family.

What will the boxes contain?

  1. The Classic boxes will contain fresh ingredients for 2-4 adults of meat, fish and vegetables with recipes to follow from around the world. You can alter or swap the meals as you please and serve up to five adults. The price starts from £35.00 for two adults receiving three meals in a week.
  2. The Veggie Box contain fresh vegetarian meals for 2-4 adults with recipe instructions to follow again you can swap any of the dishes to your taste. The price starts from £33.00 for two adults receiving three meals in one week.
  3. The Family Box (which I chose) contain fresh vegetables, fish and meat for a family to cook fresh meals using the recipe cards included. The price starts from £37.95 for a family of four receiving two meals. Dishes are tailored specifically for families to enjoy dishes with less spice than the classic or veggie box.

How much are the Hello Fresh Family Boxes?

Family Box – For 4 people and 2 meals £37.95 with free postage

Family Box – For 4 people and 4 meals £49.00 with free postage

My verdict on the Hello Fresh Family Box

I love to cook for my family and I’m by no means an expert but am happy to try new recipes with the old to add a little variety. Living with an ex-classically trained chef sometimes has it’s drawbacks as I often under deliver in my eyes and lack the knife skills, but I have had the benefit of lots of tips and tricks in the kitchen to save time and add flavour to our dishes and with the both of us cooking in the kitchen it’s inspired our two girls to join us in preparing meals too. So having HelloFresh deliver a box of fresh food with a mouth watering recipe card included was music to my ears for us all to get stuck in and cook together. Out with the hum-drum no-taste meals and in with the fresh tasty family meals, and guess what? There’s no waste.  As in every box you have all you need for a meal (for however many people dining) with nothing to throw out except the packaging.

When I was deciding upon which box I would like to try I let the customer service team know that I would need to adapt the delivery as I have an allergy. This was no problem and the Hello Fresh team were more than happy to assist me and as I have an allergy to shellfish the delivery would have to be free from fish or shellfish. So rest assured that if you have any queries or allergies/dislikes the customer service team are more than happy to help and adapt your meal delivery.

When the delivery arrived and we had opened up the box it was packed so meticulously to avoid breakage and keep all the components fresh and refrigerated with ice packs where needed. Once I unwrapped every item I could see from the recipe cards exactly what each dish required so I separated them and put them into the fridge for later. The only glitch I had when I unwrapped the chicken legs was with the plastic container, unfortunately in transit the container had shattered across the bottom and while it didn’t pose any problem to the meat inside I thought I would mention it incase other customers had the same issue. I was surprised as the meats were so meticulously wrapped in the plastic cooler bag, as I have said though this was the only issue I had with the delivery.

I have found the whole experience so easy and what a pleasure to try out, this is the service to make you fall in love with cooking again or to introduce you to new and tasty world recipes. It is as it is labelled – More Than Food. For me this was an opportunity to share the experience with my two daughters and they loved it. Getting all the ingredients ready and following the recipe cards was so much fun to do with my girls and I think this concept is a great bonding exercise for parents with reluctant or picky eaters, as they are far more likely to eat what they have prepared and served themselves.

Beef Roly Polys Mexican Style 

Hello Fresh review


This was the first recipe we cooked after receiving the Hello Fresh box and what a great start as we all loved it – clean plates all around! Mexican styled meat, flour tortillas and a cheesy sauce, a really simple to follow recipe card and ready in 40 minutes. I made this with the kids and they enjoyed the whole process, we even figured out the right way to roll up the tortillas as per the photo instructions after a bit of trial and error! As you can see from my photo our creations look similar to the HelloFresh Mexican meal – not the same but fairly close and It’s a recipe I will definitely make again as it was so very tasty and a huge hit with the family. The ingredients I might add were for a family of four and there is more than enough to go around, we even found we had leftovers for the next day so when ordering rest assured that the portions are very generous.

I will post my next recipe tommorow as we are trying it out tonight and it sounds like it will be another dinner winner as it is Spiced Chicken With Coconut Rice And Roasted Corn On The Cob, I will let you know how we get on and post some photos too.




Hello Fresh review

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  1. August 24, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    That was good that they accommodated your allergy. I was thinking of trying them once before, but I think I’m too fussy.

    • Caroline
      August 24, 2016 / 6:26 pm

      They were more than happy to accommodate my allergies and I was really impressed, I’m sure they would take all allergies and dislikes into concern and tailor the whole food box experience to you. So different to other similar food box brands out there.