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When Upbeat contacted me to take part in a blogger healthy eating challenge I was happy to take part and come up with a week of healthy eating choices for my family.  We had a delivery from Tesco’s  of plenty of fresh, frozen and tinned food to keep us nourished for the week and vouchers to stock up on the Upbeat protein drinks. 

Upbeat healthy eating blogger challenge #upbeatchallenge

As you can see from the photo below it was a great selection of healthy options with plenty of protein to add to each meal to keep us fuller for longer. 

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge
The first day of the healthy eating challenge we had an economic and tasty breakfast of porridge, natural yogurt, pumpkin seeds and blueberries. I am a little addicted to green tea and drink it all day long so my breakfast always has a cup of minty tea as well.  I love to add fresh berries at breakfast time and having a bag of frozen berries is a great idea to keep them fresh but to hand when you need them.  We all loved this breakfast and we ended up having it twice during the week along with poached eggs on toast and the salmon on toast on the other mornings.
Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge
Dinner times for us need to be fairly quick to make and tasty (or the kids will pick at them!) so I got creative and used the ingredients that Upbeat had provided to make dishes that although a healthy option would be tasty for my family.  I made the noodle dish above in about 20 minutes and it was a huge hit with everyone, made with only a few fresh ingredients, chicken, noodles, onion, peppers, spinach, honey and blanched almonds. I served it with a simple yogurt and almond dip and the sweetness of the honey went really well with the chicken.
We took the asian theme and had several evening meals with chopsticks (which the girls loved!) and it is great that all the meals were quick to make and full of colour.  The frozen salmon was a very convenient meal idea to have in the freezer, and it made me realise that I don’t take advantage of the frozen foods on offer as much as I should as it makes it so much convenient.
Lunch times were packed lunches with Upbeat protein drinks for us all at school or work and I made some soups as well with the pulses which were really warming and filling.  At the weekend though I made some sweet potato fries with salt and thyme which were a healthy treat and went really well with the salmon and some natural yogurt. 
It has been a week packed full of fresh produce and we have had a lot of fun inventing tasty healthy dishes, full of colour and goodness and have taken the opportunity to use the Upbeat protein drinks in-between meals to keep away any hunger pangs.
If you haven’t heard of Upbeat protein drinks they are a dairy protein drink (20% protein) with fruit puree and only 150 calories per drink. Ideal for taking with you as a healthy on-the-go snack or as I have found useful for adding to the children’s snack boxes for their after school sports activities.  
Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge
Upbeat Healthy Eating Blogger Challenge

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*Upbeat provided us with the protein drinks and the food for the purpose of the healthy eating challenge however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*


  1. April 30, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    The breakfast looks very tasty did you make any permanent changes because of this?

  2. August 14, 2015 / 3:46 pm

    You did well! Very healthy… :p

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