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I am writing this post with my OH’s perspective as he is a front line paramedic, from his point of view paediatric first aid is so important it should actually be taught in conjunction or in some cases instead of anti-natal courses. It should also be part of the curriculum in all schools from primary through to secondary with refresher courses throughout. With The British Red Cross being a major player in First Aid education that is easy to access for anyone regardless of ability or background. For anyone out there who thinks this may be a little overboard, let me ask you what is the most precious commodity as parents in your lives? For most of us we will answer instinctively it is our children, and keeping them safe and well is our overriding priority.  

First aid is not just about saving children’s lives, and I hope no one will have to face the horrendous task of doing just that. It is also about day to day living and the scrapes and bumps that all children get from time to time, and empowering and giving the confidence of what to do in these circumstances.

As an example my OH also works in primary care and A & E departments around the UK and has lost count how many children and parents are sitting for hours on end for what is a minor issue that with just the bare minimum of training could be fixed at home. As a society we are becoming accustomed to expecting somebody to always be there in times of trouble with self reliance taking a bit of a back burner, unlike our grandparents generation.

Free baby and child first aid app from British Red Cross

Free baby and child first aid app from British Red Cross

Free baby and child first aid app from British Red Cross

Free baby and child first aid app from British Red Cross

From a First Aid training perspective first hand face to face training is the way to go, however we all lead busy lives and sometimes either cannot commit to the course or more importantly cannot get onto the course as it is constantly over subscribed. Then training tools like the British Red Cross Baby & Child App are just what the doctor ordered. 

So imagine you are camping abroad in a foreign country with your two young children, and one of them developed a rash but is otherwise healthy, or one of them choked on grape while eating dinner, one of them fell from a tree while playing outside and cut their arm or broke a bone. Or the worst case scenario what if your child stops breathing and you have to perform CPR, just because you participated in a First Aid Course five years ago, when the pressure is on would you remember exactly what to do?

Would you know what to do?

Would you know where to go?

Do you have a well stocked, acceptable First Aid Kit with you?

Would you know what to do if your child had swallowed poisons or harmful substances?

If your child developed burns would you know what steps to take?

Your child is having a febrile seizure, what would you do? 

Do you have a thermometer with you?

Do you carry pain relief for your child?

Have you got anti-histamine in your First Aid kit?

As stated before face to face training with regular updates is the gold standard, all medical professionals do them annually. But having a smart phone app such as the Baby & Child British Red Cross App at hand on your smart phone to access at times of need is an invaluable tool when you are under pressure and want concise, accurate information immediately as well as just for general refreshers. Even medical professionals carry apps such as this on their smart phones or tablets for reference and information.   

As a parent and a paramedic my OH implores you to download this App – TODAY! For potential life saving information as well as a common sense approach to first aid to give you the confidence to know what to do in times of need and keep your most precious commodities safe and sound.

Take a look at the video’s below of the #rappedup British Red Cross campaign all the kids involved get the point across really well.

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*I am working with British Red Cross and Nuffnang on this project and have been compensated. All opinions and thoughts remain my own*SP*

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    This is a great review – very handy for anyone to have! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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