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Multi-Active Toner

 Dermalogica’s multi-action toner is a hydrating spray which you can use all day long to refresh your face.
Cucumber and arnica soothe and refresh, when you use this post cleanse it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh, with no tightness at all.
This toner takes the hassle out of toning.  Cleanse and spray for the perfect lazy girls skincare, no cotton pad’s needed.

As with all the Dermalogica range this is formulated with no artificial colours or fragrances.
My skin can be quite dry and sensitive and this toner is so hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin feeling itchy or uncomfortable at all.  Quite often when I travel I take this to spray on for a quick refresh on the go, it is lovely and great for all skin types in all sorts of conditions, so much so that it get’s passed around to both my daughter’s on trip’s and they love it too.
Multi Active Toner  £27 for 250 ml 


  1. August 15, 2014 / 5:30 am

    This sounds great! Thank for the review!