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We have had a great Summer together and for the most of it have had sunny weather, but on the days when it rained and was a little chilly the Cozy Time products that were sent to us for this review came in very handy and have become fast favourites of the girls!

cozy time Review

Lara has been asking for a Pillow Pal for a while now so the Giraffe Pillow Pal from Cozy Time (£9.99) was just perfect for her. She likes to keep her special tiny stuffed toy safe for bedtime and this little giraffe has the perfect little pocket (a secret pocket – her favourite part!) to keep it safe. 

You can use it as a pillow, to velcro up your PJ’s and to stow away some secret treasures too, we found it very handy on a long car trip as it is really soft and easy to transport with the added bonus that she kept her little toy safe in the pocket until bedtime. Which is great as I can’t count the times that she has lost it just before bedtime – cue everyone searching for said little toy so she go off to sleep! Now we have a solution as she pops it safe in the secret pocket after she get’s up in the morning, leaves the Pillow Pal on her bed and ta-da it’s there waiting for her when she snuggles down to sleep at the end of the day. Brilliant!

When we snuggled up to have some stories on one of this Summer’s rainy days, Lara and Siobhan loved the soft feeling of the supersoft blankets from the Cozy Time range. Siobhan especially is very sensory as she has ASD and when I buy her bedding I always think about how it will feel to her, she likes fabrics to be soft and smooth and finds it impossible to sleep on rough fabrics. The Pink Stripe Duo (£8.99 for two) fleece blankets and the Microfibre Throw (£14.99)were just perfect as they are both very soft and feel light on the skin, ideal for our family as they are versatile, washable and so so soft. 

Both girls loved the blankets and while the Pink Stipe Duo are perfect for packing up in the car or taking on a picnic as they are fairly compact and light, the thicker Microfibre Throw is equally really lightweight and warm and just great for the sofa or for added warmth on the bed. 

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review
Cozy Time review

The Micro Pal Desk Tidy is a bit of a must with my girls as their desks are looking less than tidy after the Summer. We tested out three designs, the pig, the giraffe and the cat (£7.99 each) they are made of microbeads and hold any items you may need tidied away. These were useful, fun and the girls loved them, the only thing they felt could do with a little tweaking was if they were a slightly bigger to allow for extra room. 

Both Lara and Siobhan have plenty of technology items in their rooms and one of my pet hates is when the screens to their tablet’s/ phones are so greasy and dirty, the Screen Wipes from Cozy Time are the ideal solution and they are easy to use, quick and effective and look so cute too. We tried out the whale and the penguin (£6.99 each) and I even caught Lara cleaning her glasses with one she loved it so much! Practical, machine washable and a must for a tech lover these little Screen Wipes are brilliant.

Anytime we have been on holiday, whether it was long haul to Australia or just a few hours in the car we always take a microbead style cushion or pillow for the girls to sleep on, so it was great to see three new variations, Marty The Monkey, Snappy The Croc and Clarissa The Cow (all £9.99 each). With double stretchy skin and all double stitched these microbead toys are cuddly and ideal for play.  They are all machine washable and dry quickly and are versatile as they double up as a play toy and a comfy cushion, and look great on their beds. 

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review

Cozy Time review

I think you will agree Cozy Time have a great range for kids and if you head over to the Cozy Time website you will be spoiled for choice over their colourful, fun and practical products. 

There are plenty of ideas for the colder weather that will be with us in a couple of months and also if you are planning on travelling with your children there are lots of ideas for keeping them comfy and warm while en route.

*The products in this post were provided for the purpose of this review however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*

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  1. August 26, 2015 / 12:19 pm

    Loving the pillow pals – lots of fun. I have a soft toy cat (originally bought for my real cat who sadly is no longer around) – the toy can go in the microwave and stays nice and warm. He's great for miserable rainy and cold days!

    • August 26, 2015 / 1:39 pm

      What a great idea for a cat Stevey , so sorry to hear your car is not with you any longer they make for wonderful pets, our car Toots is spoiled so much we all treat her like a bit of a princess! I will have to see what she makes of the Pillow Pals! 🙂

  2. August 26, 2015 / 10:39 pm

    Aww, I love being cozy, we have blankets on our sofa as it's chilly in our lounge, one slight breeze and I get goosepimples! I bought a pillow pal for my neice recently, she loves it (well so they tell me anyway!)

    • September 18, 2015 / 6:39 pm

      Thank you Diane, it's so lovely to have some cosy blankets on the sofa and certainly now that it has got so much colder!

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    July 5, 2016 / 8:04 am

    Love this
    I always have a blanket near by
    Just helps me relax and feel cosy warm