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Gift Ideas For Children

With Christmas almost here is is time to think about finishing off the shopping for the kids gifts, I have put together a few ideas for children which I have been getting for my own daughter.  In our house this year it’s all about Frozen, Minecraft and Lego, so I am sure we will have some squeals of delight this Christmas morning when our youngest unwraps her gifts!  

Ultra Agents –  Minecraft Lego –  Mixels 
Minecraft Lego – The Cave £19.99
My daughter loves Lego and Minecraft and this is the perfect combination of fun for your child this Christmas.  You can join Steve (Minecraft) in his quest for finding all the resources he needs for all the vital resources he needs.  Not only do you get to build your own cave and enjoy the familiar Minecraft world transformed into Lego but you also get a bonus Steve and a spider too. This is a must for Minecraft fans as well as a great addition to Lego collections for your children.

Ultra Agents Riverside Raid with Free App  £9.99

Another great Lego set at a great price for Christmas is the Ultra Agents Riverside Raid set, a Lego set based upon the fight against the Super Villains. The set includes two mini-figures (Max Burns and Adam Acid) with detachable weapons and Max Burns can ride the 2-in-1 quad bike to try to stop Adam Acid from stealing the crates. A fun set that includes a free app which has a six episode graphic novel about the story of Astor City and the fight against the Super Villain.  A great extra feature that they can download and look through for all the story background of the Ultra Agents.

Available Now From Tesco £9.99
Available Now From Amazon £8.35
Available Now From Lego Store £9.99

Lego Mixels £3.00

If you child hasn’t tried these yet then why not buy some this Christmas for them to get started on this great range from Lego.  A perfect stocking filler the Lego Mixels give you the ability to construct and mix them around to create all sorts of different creatures.

Available Now From The Lego Store £2.99
Available Now From Amazon £3.50
Available Now From Toys R Us £2.99

Me To You Bear In A Cute Santa Outfit – £15.00 
Put a little bit of festive cheer in their stockings with this years cute Me To You Santa teddies, a great gift for any child who loves the Tatty Teddy range. This would make an ideal gift to add any Christmas stocking, or as a secret Santa.

Available Now From Amazon

Hasbro Spiderman Mega Blaster Web Shooter £29.99

This Spiderman web shooter can be worn on the arm and you can either use the blaster as a water blaster or using the web fluid (comes with one can) to shoot webs just like Spiderman. This is a fun toy that will have the kids running around outside and unleashing their fun side, a good way to run off the Christmas day meal!

Available Now From Argos £27.99
Available now From Amazon For £23.99

Ollie the App Controlled Robot £79.99
This is the hot favourite for the top spot on the top Christmas toy wish list of 2014, Ollie is a next generation app controlled robot which is controlled from your smart phone or tablet.

This dynamic toy is engineered for high performance driving and tricks, and will give hours of fun outside as well as inside. Be prepared for a remote controlled journey with Ollie with spins, spins, jumps, and flips at up to 14 MPH.

Available Now From Go-Sphero Website  
Available Now From The Firebox Website £79.99 (Free Delivery)

*For My Review OnThe Ollie See Here*

Pixie And Posie Book Set From The Whismy Wood Collection £4.99 each

The collection of books from The Whimsy Wood collection have been written by vet Sarah Hill and follows the adventures of the pixies of the wood.  A lovely collection of stories that will have you children excited to find out what happens next. The collection is the perfect gift for book lovers and young wildlife enthusiasts alike, also they would make a great stocking filler too. 

Join Posie Pixie and her friends in a new adventure which has achieved an amazing record of 100% 5 star customer reviews! A Perfect Bound paperback with exquisite illustrations by the talented Sarah Mauchline. Printed from sustainable forests with 10% of the profits donated to the Wildlife Trusts. 

Available Now From Abela Publishing  £4.99 Each

U Star Novels is a great way to get your children involved and interested in books, by personalising a classic book, or their favourite book, they can star in the novel and enjoy reading about their own escapades within the story.
It is a really easy process, first select the book you want, from Underpants Rule to Alice In Wonderland there are plenty to choose from (not just children’s books, they also have an adults range too) once you have decided, just fill out the form to personalise it to your child, you can even add a photo of them to feature on the back of the novel, and it will be with you in no time. 
You can even feature your child’s friends or family and even their pets in the novel. It could be Toto from the Wizard Of Oz starring your pet dog, or Dinah from Alice In Wonderland with your cat as the star, a lovely way to make the novel a classic to keep forever with your very own personal stamp on it.
If you want to add in any friends or family into the narrative of the novel you can do so very easily on the online form (very user friendly) and before you know it your Auntie/Cousin/Friend/Brother will become the supporting cast members of Huckleberry Fin or Peter Pan.
I think this one of a kind novel, is a wonderful way to engage your child and encourage them to become more interested in books and reading, and give them a unique book to keep and treasure.

Dino Boom £99.99
An interactive toy that will roar, chomp, chase and guard,  his eyes will change colour with his mood all you need to do is to try to control him and put him in the mood you want. This is a great toy which has plenty of fun features, it even has sensors on it’s head to help it to follow you around. 

Edible Sweet Art £15
A sugar dough popsicle maker containing a mould for the popsicles and lolly sticks so you can make your own. What could be more fun than making your own edible popsicles, a creative and fun gift for Christmas.
Makie’s Doll  £69
A Makie’s doll is a unique doll that your child can create and customise to make it very unique to them, and then have the doll sent out ready for Christmas. The dolls are made uniquely in 3D and you can get either a boy or a girl doll for your child. A very different process to go through to get a doll where a lot of the fun is to personalise and design it. 
Juicy Lucy & Disney Glitz & Glamour Sets
H&A have some great gift sets for Christmas (have a look at the range on the h&a website) The Juicy Lucy range has some lovely gift sets with lip balms, and bath sets perfect for stocking fillers. The Disney Cinderella range has a set including a castle lip balm, bracelet, glittery hair slides and stick on earrings, also in the Cinderella range is some shimmery bath bubbles perfect for any little princess. 
Morrisons have lots of great gift ideas this year for children above are a selection of gifts from festive clothing for babies and children to craft sets and wooden toys to get creative this Christmas. If your children love Spiderman there are some brilliant sets for hours of play this Christmas as well as some lovely gifts from Funky Farm.  All these gifts are extremely reasonably priced, which is ideal when you are watching the family budget.
Once you have bought all the Christmas gifts next on the list is to get them all wrapped and put under the tree. Morrisons have a brilliant festive range of wrapping and cards from traditional to modern to help you to finish all your Christmas duties.
All these gifts are available now from Morrisons with a lovely range of children’s clothes so you can kit out your children for the holiday season.
To get you in the the festive mood here is the fun and musical Morrisons Christmas advert, every time it comes on we all break out into song!
Hasbro Toys For Christmas 
A great toy for hours of play with Autobot Drift, you can flip the car to change in a flash to become Autobot Drift ready to fight the Decepticons.  A fun toy for ages 5 and up from Hasbro.
The all new Marvel Amazing Spiderman 2 Spider Strike action figure sets come with batteries included and are suitable for 4 years and above, a must for Spiderman fans.
The Hasbro Galactic Empire set comes with 4 stormtroopers, 2 Royal guards and 2 pilots to add to any collection of Star Wars toys. 
Toblerone £1.19 – 
Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some chocolate treats, and this Christmas treat is no exception. Toblerone with it’s instantly recognisable triangular shape is always asked for on our daughter’s Christmas lists. This year  Toblerone has a new twist on the Christmas favourite, a 60g limited edition Toblerone is the perfect shape for popping into a stocking, a bite sized treat perfect for Christmas day. It still has the same great taste, filled with honey and almond nougat, with Swiss chocolate, this will certainly go into my daughter’s stocking as she loves Toblerone at Christmas time.

Available Now From All Good Supermarkets

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – £3.48 

I have been buying my kids Terry’s Chocolate Oranges at Christmas since they were little and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without them now.  Tapping the Terry’s chocolate Orange open on Christmas Day is a treat we all share, so it is no wonder that last Christmas Terry’s Chocolate Orange was trending on Twitter as the number one most mentioned food product!
Available Now From All Good Supermarkets
Frozen Lip Smackers £2.49 each
Disney’s Frozen has been such a phenomenal success and there are lots of great stocking fillers to get your little girl this Christmas like these Frozen Lip Smackers in six great flavours;
Cool Vanilla Mint
Strawberry Shake
Coconut Snowballs
Berry Slush
Ice Pop
Chilled Cranberry Grape
You can either buy these Lip Smackers individually for £2.49 or all six at £9.99 in a decorative collectable tin. 
Personalised Frozen Book £12.99
Frozen is a huge favourite film in our house and this personalised book is a great gift for any little girl to treasure.  You can add their name, address and date of birth to make this a really special book to read over and over, you can also add a dedication on the front pages, perfect for Christmas.
Disney’s Frozen Lunch Bag Set £17.99
The Internet Gift Store have a very large range of Frozen gifts for children who love the popular Disney film, and the Frozen lunch bag set is a great gift idea that can be used at school, or for after school clubs all year round. 

Barbie & Me Colour Change Glam Bag £29.99
One of the top gift ideas for Christmas 2014 is the Barbie Glam bag the first of it’s kind to change colour, up to 100 different colours, when it is placed next to an item of clothing. What an innovation and a fabulous gift for any little girl, it comes with plenty of clip-on Barbie accessories to personalise the bag and it also lights up. 

Tatty Teddy Make A Bear £19.99
A great gift idea for a creative little girl, with this kit you can make your own Tatty Teddy bear by filling with stuffing and stitching him up.  You can also add a nightcap and hot water bottle to the teddy too by stitching them up, all the tools you need are in the box which also includes a birth certificate too. 

I hope this has given you a few ideas about gifts to buy this year for your children for Christmas. I will be shopping a lot online this year to beat the crowds, the beauty of online shopping is that you can do an essential price comparison before making big purchases for those gifts on the kids Christmas lists.

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Merry Christmas!


  1. December 3, 2014 / 9:30 am

    Lego Minecraft looks great for an 8 year old. Thanks for the idea!

  2. December 3, 2014 / 10:22 am

    Lots of good ideas there, thanks. My daughter would love that tatty teddy bear and my son wants the minecraft lego.

  3. December 3, 2014 / 11:35 am

    lovely ideas, my girls are obsessed with frozen