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With Lara’s party on the doorstep I knew it was time to get organised and start planning her birthday party, never a chore as I love to get all the final touches that will make it so special, over the years we have had princess cakes, minion cakes, a huge princess castle and this year it will be an Olaf cake – watch this space to see if it turns out as planned!

After a lot of searching and deliberating I have put together a selection of party essentials I will be using to make my little princess feel special on her big day, and I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your own birthday party planning. 

Planning the perfect birthday party for your child

Party Bag Fillers From Tobar

Party bags have become the all important component of a great birthday party and every year I try to find different and fun items to include in Lara’s party bags, what I liked about the selection from Tobar is that there are plenty of unisex products to add and all at a good value price. 

My two girls have caught my bug of loving stationery and so I had to add these cute Turtle Erasers from Tobar into the party bags, they come in packs of four colourful erasers and are a fun addition for girls or boys.

Tobar’s Mini Combs for the girls are so colourful and come in packs of 12, Lara always loves little items like these and although aimed at the girls, i’m sure a few boys might like them too!

The Pre-Historic Beasts from Tobar are a fun party bag filler that both boys and girls would love to play with, they come in packs of six and Lara particularly liked the look of these as they come in such bright colours and are great for creative fun play.

Tobar party planning ideas

All About Party Bags

Party bags as I have said are such an important part of the party, not only for the birthday girl or boy but for the patents too! Finding the right items to give to all the guests is quite a mission and when you do manage to find great fillers that you know they will love and fit your price bracket it is another tick on the list for your party planning.

I ordered the Happy Allsorts Party Bag from All About Party Bags as at £3.00 per bag it offered a selection of fun products for the guests to play with and was a good price for what was on offer.

The Contents Of The Happy Allsorts Party Bag – £3.00 per bag

  • Smiley squeeze face
  • Smiley stretchy man (always popular!)
  • Magic pencil sharpener
  • Shiny note pad
  • 3 temporary tattoos
  • Smiley face pencil
  • Wooden smiley face bif baf
  • Option to add sweets to the bag as well
When I had decided on which party bag I was going to choose for Lara’s party guests and put through the order I was really impressed with the fast delivery (it only took two days to arrive) and also the fact that you are kept informed about the progress of your delivery via e-mail at every step. I would definitely use the service again as it was so quick to arrive and the service was excellent which makes a huge difference when you are busy planning your party and don’t want to waste time waiting for your supplies. 

Party Bag Fillers From All About Party Bags

Craft Ideas From docrafts

After the party is over it is always important to write thank you cards, and thank all the party guests for coming and bringing birthday cards and gifts, and this is something I like to instil in both my daughters to always do this little gesture. The Gorjuss Ultimate Card Kit  from docrafts is just ideal for an afternoon of making thank you cards together and has such a huge array of supplies to make the perfect bespoke card and all you need is a little glue. 

At £14.95 the Gorjuss Ultimate Card Kit is very good value as the contents of 32 individual cards and envelopes, 20 die-cut decoupage sheets, 56 gemstones and 7 sizes of ribbon is enough to make plenty of beautiful and personal cards. 

It’s a great way to get creative and enjoy some quality time with your children, and from experience I know how much fun you can have making these crafty cards with your children.

Party Planning ideas from DoCraft with Gorjuss and Roald Dahl staionery sets

Also from docrafts is the lovely Decoupage Card Kit -Roald Dahl Spiffling Factory and at £4.00 it’s great value for an extra special card for someone special. Inside the kit you will find a fabulous 3D card with three sheets of fun, colourful die-cut decoupage scenes and quotes to add to the card with a little glue. Lara found this so much fun as the scenes are from some of her favourite Roald Dahl books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Enormous Crocodile and she really enjoyed adding all the little extra scenes and quotes to make a very special card.

Party Planning ideas from DoCraft with Gorjuss and Roald Dahl staionery sets

I think my love of all things stationery has rubbed off on my girls as they just loved making cards with the docrafts Roald Dahl Whoppsie Whiffling Stationery Set, what’s not to love about this colourful and creative set. The first thing I love about the set is that it comes in a sturdy card box with a magnetic closure, it looks so colourful and inside the design is just as bright with polka dot pastel colours all over, so handy for keeping all the stationery in one place and it looks great too. 

At £14.95 you are getting a set that you will be able to make 24 cards (blank cards ready to design) & envelopes with, there are also 24 printed sheets with different designs and lots of extras to design the perfect Roald Dahl inspired card, such as stickers, stick on jem-stones, ribbon, and plenty of decoupage characters, scenes and quotes from the collection of Roald Dahl stories. As with the Gorjuss Card Kit all you need to have is some glue to stick all the decoupage scenes, characters and printed paper onto your cards to make some really memorable cards, although if you are like my daughters you will make one for yourself too and add it to your pin-board as they look so great when they are finished!

Party Planning ideas from DoCraft with Gorjuss and Roald Dahl staionery sets

Baking Essentials From docrafts

A party wouldn’t be complete without the very special birthday cake for the birthday girl or birthday boy and for that you need the right equipment to ensure the cake is perfect. docrafts have a great selection of professional bakeware from The Little Venice Cake Company that is just perfect for catering your birthday party and with my planned Olaf cake they are just perfect. 

The cake tins from docrafts are all lightweight, easy to clean and scratch resistant and come in a variety of sizes so whatever your cake design The Little Venice Cake Company range can accommodate your needs. What I really value about the range is that they really deliver on quality, and this always transfers on to your baking as if you use the right tools you will get the result you want. 

The Little Venice Cake Company Baking Supplies From Docraft

Once I have the cake baked, iced and ready to take to the party, next on my list is the ever popular cupcakes, they always go down well at any birthday party and I always make more than I anticipate so I don’t run out! I like to make some of Lara’s favourite flavours so as well as making her some elderflower cupcakes for the party I will make some of her very favourite Chocolate Cupcakes With Meringue Icing  as well as some jelly boats too, she is still asking for them every year and it will be a sad year when she stops asking! 
When it comes to decorating the cakes using the right equipment can make all the difference, so it’s worth investing in a few baking tools to make it easier to do and look amazing when you display them.  The Stainless Steel Palette Knife from The Little Venice Cake Company makes it a lot easier to ice the cakes (even the cupcakes) evenly to give a great finish, and the Professional Revolving Turntable is such a timesaver when you are struggling to get an even finish around the cake and makes it so much easier to end up with a more professional finish. 
It’s always a little tricky to transport all the food to the venue and I particularly like the Duo Cupcake Box from The Little Venice Cake Company, as they are perfect if you would rather gift some cupcakes to your birthday party guests to take home rather that a slice of cake.
The Little Venice Cake Company Baking Supplies From Docraft
When I first started making little fondant decorations for the cakes and cupcakes for my children’s birthday parties, I used to think I would never get the hang of it! The fondant would always stick to board and then stick to the rolling pin and I would end up with very miss-shaped decorations that looked nothing like they should!
It was only when I started using the right equipment did my efforts pay off and the fondant decorations started to look as they should. Using the Professional Smooth Rolling Pin, the Clear Work Board  and the Professional Modelling Kit  from The Little Venice Cake Company really makes a huge difference and my decorations now look a lot more like they should! 
The Little Venice Cake Company Baking Supplies From Docraft

My Little Day

If you haven’t heard of My Little Day before you are in for a treat, they are a wonderful party supplies boutique company that will take your party to another level with their stunning party-ware and supplies.  

The My Little Day boutique company is run by two mother’s who have an artistic background and this really shines through in their fabulous inspiring designs, if you are planning a party and want it to look fabulous and unique (children’s or adults!) I urge you to take a look at the beautiful ideas from My Little Day, the only issue you will have is which lovely design to choose from!

After a lot of deliberation on which party set to choose (they are all so gorgeous!) we decided on the OMY range which is a great idea to inject a little creativity into the party as the whole range gives the party guests the option to colour in all the party ware! Genius idea, as it will give the children something else to do if they do feel a little restless and want to try their hand at a little artwork, and the beauty is they can then take them home to finish them. 

All that’s needed is to add some colouring pencil’s or pen’s to the party table and they will have fun colouring it all in. I have to say that Lara was so excited to try the set out and said it was the best party set she had ever had, this was music to my ears as every year that is what you want to hear as a parent! 

I made some tasty Elderflower Cupcakes with the bold and colourful party cases from My Little Day and as you can see from the images below the whole range looks fun and fabulous. 

My Little Day Party Supplies

Lastly on my list of party planning duties and by no means least is what to do with Lara’s very long hair? She has hair down past her waist and I always have it up for school and gymnastics leaving the weekend when she may have it down, but every time she has a party she always wants to have it styled (usually curly) and to have it down as it’s such a rare thing for her to do. 

The Diva Digital Wand with Argan Oil has meant I can dispense with the overnight cotton rag treatment that I used to do to her hair to get perfect curls!  The wand is so easy to use and the addition of Argan oil to protect and shine the hair is an added bonus to keep the curls looking great.  It’s very rare that she would have any heat treatment on her hair, so it’s with confidence that I am using the Diva Digital Wand as well as giving the perfect finish (so quickly!) it protects the hair too, although I will be adding a heat protection spray before I use it as well.  

I’m sure if Lara had a head full of bouncy curls she would be asking me to straighten her hair for her party, it’s always the way with hair – you want what you don’t have! 

Here are a few of the hairstyles that are Lara’s favourites and I will be sharing a few more very soon with this handy hair wand from Sally Express, and with Lara’s lovely long blond hair thank goodness for detangling spray and tangle tamers! 

Party Planning Ideas and lots of hairstyle ideas

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my party planning ideas and that it has given you a little inspiration for your next birthday party.
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