I’ve been a bit absent from my blog over the last week as my youngest has had a terrible bout of tonsillitis which has seen her off to the doctors twice and we are waiting on a blood test to find out more. She has had a high temperature for over a week and although we are so used to her having tonsillitis as she has suffered with it since she was a baby this time it seems to have really taken it’s toll and wiped her out – poor little thing. 

She has had good company though as her faithful friend Toots, our beloved pet cat, has kept her company while she recovers. It’s such a sweet sight to see them both curled up together under her blanket and I’m sure it’s helping her to recover this horrible illness. Just  a few weeks ago she was celebrating being ten and she was out on her new birthday bike (see the photo below of her pride and joy – her new Frog bike!) full of beans, since then it has been put away in the shed as she has been too ill to ride it. We are back to the doctor’s tommorow as she now has a really bad cough as well as a very sore throat and her temperature just won’t abate. It’s so frustrating as there is little I can do to make her feel better, so we have all been giving her as much TLC as possible.


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With so many mens fragrances to choose from it can sometimes be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding upon that special gift. I tend to stick to the tried and tested favourites when a special occasion pops or I feel the need to spoil my OH with a bottle aftershave, once brand I go back to time and again is Ralph Lauren so I was happy to see that the new fragrance for men was out just in time for Father’s Day – and it’s available with a gorgeous and practical weekend bag.

I don’t think I’m alone when I praise the generous GWP (gift with purchase) and I’m often drawn to stock up on one of my favourite perfumes/aftershaves when I see it has a luxury GWP which I know I will use. House Of Fraser have the stylish limited edition Duffel bag (worth £55) as a GWP when you buy the new Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDP men’s fragrance, and this makes a wonderful extra gift for Father’s Day which you could fill with some extra gifts on the day if you are feeling extra generous!

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue & GWP photos by www.my-family-ties.com

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Over the cold Winter months my skin has really suffered with dryness and sensitivity and even though Spring is here it still feels like it needs extra attention to bring it back to it’s hydrated self. When this beautiful package arrived from Inlight I was delighted to try the 100% organic products out in a bid to improve my skin. Inlight have the most amazing range of organic skincare with a skincare regime or product for every skin concern and I have been really enjoying trying out two of their most popular products, the Organic Super-Food Face Mask and the Organic Floral Face Tonic. Can I just take a minute to say just how beautifully presented the products arrive! Just look at the pretty little box below, it was a delight to unwrap this on a rainy morning!

“Bringing Beauty To Life”
Inlight Organic Skincare Review by www.my-family-ties.com

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With a family of four the weekly laundry pile gets bigger by the day and our 7kg washing machine just wasn’t up to the job any longer, so I was thrilled to test out the 9kg washing machine from Amica and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It never fails to amaze me just how much laundry I have to go through every week with my brood. Not only am I washing the usual school uniforms, work clothes and weekly bedding but it’s all the extras too. The sports kits, after school club kits, mine and my OH’s gym kits – not to mention all the cycling gear my OH get’s through! It really mounts up and the only way I have found I keep on top of it all is to have a structure to the week and wash every other day. It’s so much easier for me to do it this way as otherwise the ironing pile get’s bigger and bigger and I would much rather do little and often rather that a huge mountain of ironing in one go!

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by www.my-family-ties.com

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I’ve had a little time off from my blog over Easter to spend some quality time with my family, and wouldn’t you know it we were hit by a sickness bug almost as soon as half term came! Although it was lovely to spend time with the children, a lot of the half term was spent either tending to sick kids or feeling ill myself – how typical! We had a few distractions in the form of some Easter crafts, and Easter eggs were firmly put on hold for a while until everyone felt a little better. We did manage to decorate some eggs by dying them as we do every year, I think the kids would be really horrified if I didn’t bother one year to make them look pretty as they love the annual ritual so much – even when they are feeling ill!

We had some distractions (thank you Parragon Books!) in the form of these lovely Art Therapy books, one in Disney Frozen theme and one in Disney Princess theme – both gorgeous and such a godsend this Easter when my daughter was feeling ‘bored’ for the hundredth time. These Art Therapy books are really great (for any age) and even my teen was caught colouring in a few pages as it is so relaxing to sit and get creative for half an hour. We even sat together and made the cute bunny that Parragon Books kindly included in the delivery, he took pride of place next to our Easter eggs and we named him Hop!


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