I can’t believe another series of the GBBO is over already and what a fitting way to end it with a family favourite recipe – Victoria Sponge. Watching the final with my two daughters was our weekly bonding treat and although we are a little sad it’s over it’s been so lovely to bake along with GBBO as both my daughters really embraced it too by helping me in the kitchen. There’s something very special about baking together with your children and I feel it is one of the best ways to bond as it gives them a chance to work to their strengths and learn so many useful skills. This weeks bake was almost exclusively made by Lara our 10 year old and I think she has done a remarkable job as it was so tasty and looked gorgeous too.

Victoria Sponge

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It’s been a busy week and with our youngest back to school and the HelloFresh delivery of a tasty Family Box was perfect timing to change mealtimes up a little and give the family some new dishes to try. We have been trying out some made-for-families food boxes from HelloFresh and one of my favourites was this tasty Chicken Satay Kebabs recipe from the Family Box. Easy to follow and make and even more fun when I had two keen helpers in the kitchen who were happy to chop, taste and cook the meal with me. Since our introduction to HelloFresh we have tried some varied tasty family meals, all come with fresh ingredients and a recipe card to follow along and the only component you need to add is water as everything is supplied to make each recipe. We made Beef Roly Polys Mexican Style  Oven baked Greek Meatballs and Spiced Chicken With Coconut Rice from the Family Box already and we have found it very easy and user friendly to follow and very tasty too. The Spiced Chicken was a little too spicy for the kids (although the adults loved it!) but it’s all trial and error and it was good for us to try something out of the kids comfort zone, even if it was a little spicy.

HelloFresh Chicken Satay Kebab Recipe

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Can it already be week 3 of GBBO? If you have been following along you will know it was bread week with some seriously impressive bakes from the contestants.  Cue a not so great week for me on the baking front as three attempts later I managed to bake this crusty Chocolate Nutella Bread which turned out to be a big favourite with my two girls. Having a temperamental oven doesn’t help matters when you are trying to perfect bread making and my first recipe was a chocolate and cherry cake (hence the cherries in the photos!) but while I was proving the first loaf I think I managed to kill off any yeast which was trying to activate in a too warm proving shelf. I say *proving shelf* but really it’s just the grill with everything removed, just enough room to prove the dough and the residual heat from the oven *should* be just enough to give a good rise. Or so I thought!

As it turned out my plaited chocolate cherry loaf turned out flat and very dense, it helped with the final bake and after proving twice I managed to get a good rise and all in all a tasty loaf. Adding the Nutella gives a tasty chocolate flavour without being too overpowering plus it helped with keeping the loaf moist as well. Instead of plaiting the Chocolate Nutella Loaf I opted to play it safe and shape a round loaf as my first attempt ended in a very flat plaited loaf.

Chocolate Bread Recipe With Nutella

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After sampling two delicious recipes from the HelloFresh Family Box last week, we have four more family meals to try out this week. Since being introduced to the HelloFresh concept we have been really enjoying the tasty family meals which have transformed mealtimes into a family fun occasion. The reason I say that is because the girls have been so keen to help prepare and cook the recipes and to their amazement they have both really enjoyed the whole process! Anything that brings us together is a winner in my eyes, and as I have found if kids help to cook the meal with you they are more likely to eat it – even if it does have a few ingredients they wouldn’t usually eat. Last week we made Mexican Beef Roly Polys which the girls loved and Spiced Chicken With Coconut Rice – a recipe the girls were a little worried would be too spicy for them but was very mild and tasty.

When we were ready and waiting for our delivery of HelloFresh what I found really useful was getting a text prior to let me know an hour’s window when it would be delivered. Also if I was unable to take the delivery at that time the text had a link where I could change the time displayed, which is so handy. So a top tip if you are registering with HelloFresh to get your own delivery is to remember to add a mobile number as it makes it so useful to know to the hour when your delivery will arrive.

HelloFresh Greek Meatball Recipe

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Yesterday I posted about our thoughts on the HelloFresh delivery we had and our first recipe of Beef Roly Polys Mexican Style, a recipe which had been a huge hit with the whole family. I was really impressed at the ease of use of the whole process even taking into account my allergy to shellfish (much to my other half’s annoyance as he loves fish and shellfish!) and from point of order to serving up our evening meal was really straightforward and enjoyable. For me it feels like a food box to re-ignite a passion for cooking or start that passion up from scratch.

HelloFresh Family Box 

Choosing the Family Box gave me the reassurance that the dishes would be free of too much spice and also be very balanced nutritionally. Don’t fret though as this doesn’t detract from the flavour we have tried two very delicious recipes over the last two days which have both been full of flavour. The recipes have been carefully chosen and tested by the HelloFresh chef’s and this care and attention really does come across not only in the tasty recipes but the fresh produce too. The prices for the Family Box range from £37.95 – £60.00 with free postage and if you have any allergies to certain foods you can adapt your choices, just speak to one of the customer service team as they are so helpful.

Review of Hello Fresh Food Box

Hello Fresh Review with a Spiced Chicken recipe with coconut rice and roasted corn on the cob

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