Another Year Older #EmbraceHappy

This weekend I turned 41 (I am still in shock!) and we celebrated in a very low key way by having a relaxed day popping our for a meal and spending the afternoon playing Monopoly, not very rock and roll I know but it was just perfect as I had my favourite people with me and we had a day to remember. I’m not going to lie I was dreading this birthday a little, but I worked on Embracing my Happy (#EmbraceHappy) and realised it wasn’t so bad, I’ve had a wonderful year, my blog is one this month too and I’ve only spotted one or two grey hairs…!

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The day before my big day I had a huge bouquet of 41 red roses delivered to me from my OH, I was so surprised as I wasn’t expecting them, and hat’s off to the girls as they knew they were arriving but managed to keep it secret and not tell me, even though I know they were just bursting to!
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School’s Out!

It’s that time already again, Summer holidays have begun and with six weeks ahead they kids are already saying ‘What are we going to do today mum?” I think that is going to be the standard every day this holiday! On Lara’s last week she got to dress up as a Disney character (A frozen dress came out of course!) and I just couldn’t resist taking a few snaps before she left for school, looking lovely with her outfit and her teachers gifts. 

She was being so patient for me as I really wanted a few photo’s of her looking lovely in her Anna outfit, the light wasn’t terrific as it was a little overcast, but I did get these treasures and I’m so glad I did as they are just lovely to look back on. This year has flown by and before you know it we will all be putting up the Christmas tree and dragging out all the decorations!  I know I drive my family a little crazy with all the photos I take, but I am always thankful to look back and remember days like these, I must take the time to get these printed out and put on the wall.

It’s as if the children shrug off their school bags at the door and do a little jig for Summer, and why not! We have lots of things planned over the next few weeks to make some new memories and I will definitely be making an effort this Summer to put all my photos together in print so we can enjoy looking through them, sunshine, getting messy and lots of time together is just what we all need and I for one can’t wait to start.

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It’s been a funny week for me as both my girls have had so much going on. My oldest Siobhan has had her first week of work experience at our local library, and although I was very worried and apprehensive about how she would get on, she has had a brilliant week! Siobhan loves to read so it was natural that she wanted to work in the library and luckily enough for her she managed to get some work experience there and all the staff are very inclusive and understanding of her ASD. 

Being in new environments and people is daunting for Siobhan as she likes the comfort of routine, and although she is used to visiting the library, working there is a very different experience. She has done so well and I am so proud of her,  it may seem simple and uncomplicated to lots of teenager’s her age, but it’s a huge step for Siobhan to be in a new place with adults she doesn’t know. The main positive thing from the week has been to her confidence, as she knows now that she can face these huge challenges, so it makes the next steps in her life of college and work much more attainable and less daunting. A little scary for me to think that this year she will be 16 (I can’t quite believe it!) but she has grown up so much in the last two years and is more in touch with herself and what she wants out of life.

I just love the quote below and I tell my girls every day that they are both my greatest blessings, I feel very lucky to have such thoughtful and sensitive loving daughters.

“The Most Precious Jewels You Will Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children”
Photo's of my teen daughter Siobhan with ASD for Point and Shoot Linky, Autism,

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