Over the half term break we were in London for a few days to celebrate our daughter’s 16 birthday and I have already written about our days out at the Shrek Adventure and the Tower Of London, but to continue with the theme our girls were also keen to visit the Sea Life London Aquarium as well. We took our god-daughter who lives is central London with us to the South Bank attraction and the girls were very excited to see something so different to their norm. 

As with any marine subject the thought of the oceans and the sea creatures usually bring forth images of warm days, nice beaches and beautiful creatures, all of which are captured so well within the attraction. This was also magnified with the sheer volume of people also in attendance, I have to say that as it was half term of course it was very busy and it pays to book online before hand to ensure you can get tickets on the day you want. 

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We had a few days of fun in London during the half term and I have already shared our review of our morning at the Shrek Adventure, read all about what we thought here. We have been planning to go to visit the Tower Of London for a while as our oldest daughter Siobhan, she loves history so much and I knew this would be perfect to hold her attention. We had spent the morning on a boat tour which was really enjoyable for us and the kids and if you get the chance I would highly recommend going on the boat ride to Greenwich from Westminster and back as you get to see so much more of London and learn a lot of history from the commentary on board.

The Tower Of London Review

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Last night we were so very thrilled to have invitations to the launch of Hogwarts In The Snow with Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour a fantastic and very festive seasonal change to the regular scenery (could it get even better?!) in the foyer as soon as you walk in you are presented with a beautifully dressed huge Christmas tree that sets the scene perfectly. Hogwarts In The Snow will run until the 31st January so plenty of time to visit to experience the festive make-over and find out all the tips and tricks that the behind the scenes crew worked so hard to create the magical Harry Potter series of films. We were fortunate to be one of the first visitors to be able to see the new festive addition, and although we were on the tour from 5.30pm until 10pm we could have stayed for hours it was so much fun!

Any fan of the Harry Potter films would have been thrilled to see the launch last night and as we have two daughters who live and breathe Harry Potter, the night was hotly anticipated in our house as you can imagine! All the authentic props and scenes from the iconic films are displayed at the attraction and with the magic of the Hogwarts In The Snow the addition of festive inspired decoration (and snow when you reach the Magic Bus and Privet Drive outside!) throughout the tour. We were treated to not only the visual feast of all that the Harry Potter Studio Tour has to offer but also the wonder of a festive make over – Hogwarts style.

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour Hogwarts in The Snow
Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour Christmas At hogwarts

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We had a lovely half term and spent a few fun filled days in London where we decided to visit the new Merlin Attraction Shrek’s Adventure London with Dreamworks Tours. We all enjoyed the films and our oldest daughter who is 16 has grown up watching and loving the films and still likes to watch them now. Our girls are 7 years apart in age, Lara is 9 and Siobhan is 16 so it’s tricky sometimes to get the attractions right for them both but they were both really keen to go (as they love the films) and try out the attraction and once we had booked our time slot in (you can pre-book online, you must do so 24 hours in advance though) we were eagerly anticipating the visit.

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We celebrated our oldest daughter Siobhan’s 16th birthday at the end of September and one of the things she really wanted to do for her birthday was to visit some attractions which she had on her list of favourite things to do, top of the list was a trip to the Space Centre in Leicester and we couldn’t wait to take her there.

Siobhan has ASD and all her life she has been fascinated with Space, before she was able to read independently she would pour over pages and pages of information about space and planets and her interest hasn’t waned at all over the years. We have friends who have autistic children who regularly visit the Space Centre and I know it is a subject that many children and adults with autism find very interesting. We call Siobhan’s interests her ‘specialist subjects’ as is common with kids with ASD to find a topic (or a few topics) and study them in some depth, some they will move on from but some interests will stay with them for years. 

For Siobhan her interest in Space has been her ‘specialist subject’ since she was a little girl and is still a fascinating thing to her to study and learn more about, we were thrilled to take her to the Space Centre and the day was hotly anticipated by her and her exuberance has transferred onto her little sister who is showing a keen interest in Space too, which is just as well as she has just started learning about it in school this term.

National Space Centre Leicester Review

National Space Centre Leicester blog Review

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