I’ve been a bit absent from my blog over the last week as my youngest has had a terrible bout of tonsillitis which has seen her off to the doctors twice and we are waiting on a blood test to find out more. She has had a high temperature for over a week and although we are so used to her having tonsillitis as she has suffered with it since she was a baby this time it seems to have really taken it’s toll and wiped her out – poor little thing. 

She has had good company though as her faithful friend Toots, our beloved pet cat, has kept her company while she recovers. It’s such a sweet sight to see them both curled up together under her blanket and I’m sure it’s helping her to recover this horrible illness. Just  a few weeks ago she was celebrating being ten and she was out on her new birthday bike (see the photo below of her pride and joy – her new Frog bike!) full of beans, since then it has been put away in the shed as she has been too ill to ride it. We are back to the doctor’s tommorow as she now has a really bad cough as well as a very sore throat and her temperature just won’t abate. It’s so frustrating as there is little I can do to make her feel better, so we have all been giving her as much TLC as possible.


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When our oldest daughter was born being our first child we had no benchmark to work from, all her firsts were just wonderful to us and we were unaware she had been born with autism. Perhaps it was masked by the fact she had a few other health issues such as profound deafness, and coordination issues. Her severe lack of hearing (although passing three independent hearing tests with flying colours) did get addressed medically by having an operation to insert grommets on two occasions and when she was eight she was diagnosed with dyspraxia.

Getting an autism diagnosis: Our story. 'Autism, Where direction is more important than speed' Our journey as a family in the diagnosis of our daughter's ASD/Autism. Read more at www.my-family-ties.com My Family Ties Blog.

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We celebrated our oldest daughter Siobhan’s 16th birthday at the end of September and one of the things she really wanted to do for her birthday was to visit some attractions which she had on her list of favourite things to do, top of the list was a trip to the Space Centre in Leicester and we couldn’t wait to take her there.

Siobhan has ASD and all her life she has been fascinated with Space, before she was able to read independently she would pour over pages and pages of information about space and planets and her interest hasn’t waned at all over the years. We have friends who have autistic children who regularly visit the Space Centre and I know it is a subject that many children and adults with autism find very interesting. We call Siobhan’s interests her ‘specialist subjects’ as is common with kids with ASD to find a topic (or a few topics) and study them in some depth, some they will move on from but some interests will stay with them for years. 

For Siobhan her interest in Space has been her ‘specialist subject’ since she was a little girl and is still a fascinating thing to her to study and learn more about, we were thrilled to take her to the Space Centre and the day was hotly anticipated by her and her exuberance has transferred onto her little sister who is showing a keen interest in Space too, which is just as well as she has just started learning about it in school this term.

National Space Centre Leicester Review

National Space Centre Leicester blog Review

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It’s been a funny week for me as both my girls have had so much going on. My oldest Siobhan has had her first week of work experience at our local library, and although I was very worried and apprehensive about how she would get on, she has had a brilliant week! Siobhan loves to read so it was natural that she wanted to work in the library and luckily enough for her she managed to get some work experience there and all the staff are very inclusive and understanding of her ASD. 

Being in new environments and people is daunting for Siobhan as she likes the comfort of routine, and although she is used to visiting the library, working there is a very different experience. She has done so well and I am so proud of her,  it may seem simple and uncomplicated to lots of teenager’s her age, but it’s a huge step for Siobhan to be in a new place with adults she doesn’t know. The main positive thing from the week has been to her confidence, as she knows now that she can face these huge challenges, so it makes the next steps in her life of college and work much more attainable and less daunting. A little scary for me to think that this year she will be 16 (I can’t quite believe it!) but she has grown up so much in the last two years and is more in touch with herself and what she wants out of life.

I just love the quote below and I tell my girls every day that they are both my greatest blessings, I feel very lucky to have such thoughtful and sensitive loving daughters.

“The Most Precious Jewels You Will Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children”
Photo's of my teen daughter Siobhan with ASD for Point and Shoot Linky, Autism,

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Summer Reading Challenge and More

Autumn is here already and I have been looking back over the last season, to remember the fun we had with the girls at the library, at the different activities they had which were perfect for my two bookworms.

This summer we spent a lot of time at our local library, in fact we visited at least once a week as there were so many things going on.

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