Back To School With World Of Warriors

I can’t believe it’s time already to get ready to send the children back to school and what better way to inspire some new healthy packed lunch ideas than with a new set of lunchbox essentials from World Of Warriors.

It can be really hard to be consistent in providing the kids with healthy options for their lunchtime at school, and Mind Candy the creators of the ever successful Moshi Monsters franchise and Nutritionalist Stirling-Reed with World Of Warriors have recognised this and come up with a great solution to help us parents to keep on track. 

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

Mind Candy have launched an eye catching range of World Of Warriors lunchtime essentials to keep the kids inspired and well equipped for new term and as any parent knows the thrill of getting a new lunchtime pack for any child knows no bounds!

If you haven’t heard of World Of Warriors it is a fun interactive game which you can download and explore the world of the Wildlands. Once you have entered the Wildlands you can build your army of some of history’s greatest warriors including Vikings, Samurai, Romans and Knights. It’s a fun game with bright stunning graphics to engage the kids and has many historically correct warriors which you can train and evolve as you play. Not forgetting the warlord with his evil skull army to defeat!

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Packed Lunch Sets

The packed lunch sets from World Of Warriors have everything covered from the lunch-boxes which are wipe clean and have very useful name labels at the base they are £8.00 each, the snack pots that fit neatly into the lunch-boxes are a very economical £1.00 each, the water bottles which feature a useful grab handle are £4.99 and the school bags with the eye catching illustrations on the front and practical bottle holder pockets either side are £10.00 each. 

All the items have the World Of Warriors colourful bright graphics on them and what I like about the range is that it is not gender specific, my daughter Lara loves the look of the whole range as has been happily readying the supplies for her first day back at school.

Inside the lunchbox you will find a wallet of Warrior Meal Planner ideas which you can put on your fridge (it has magnets attached to the back) to give you plenty of ideas and tips for healthy lunch ideas and snack inclusions to your child’s lunchbox. It’s always very useful to have some fresh ideas and tips for lunch-boxes and the variety, vibrant colours and different tastes will help to engage and inspire children to eat the healthy options you are providing for them.  

Here Are Some Of The Lunchbox Meal Ideas On The Warrior Meal Plans:

  • Pitta-pizza (with recipe)
  • Wholemeal pasta salad
  • Four wholegrain crackers with marmite and cheese
  • Beans with avocado salad
  • Mighty chicken salad wrap
  • Houmous (or egg and cress) and cucumber filling on wholemeal bread or roll

Here Are Some Of The Snack Ideas On The Warrior Meal Plans:

  • Flapjack
  • Baby corn and celery sticks
  • A small kiwi fruit
  • Mini breadsticks and houmous dip
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Buttered bread soldiers
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks
  • A fistful of cherries
  • Natural yoghurt
  • A small banana

Also as part of the World Of Warriors range is the Sticker Activity Book £3.99 with plenty of puzzles and quests as well as stickers to use throughout the book. A really fun book for kids to challenge themselves to solve the puzzles and quizzes with bright colourful graphics, Lara found this so much fun and it was the perfect book to take with us on an hour long train journey to while away the time.

A great back to school range from World Of Warriors to inject a little fun into kids packed lunch times which are well priced and includes plenty of information to help include lots of healthy options in the kids lunch-boxes.

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

World Of Warriors Back To School Range Review

*The products in this post were provided for the purpose of this review however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*

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    October 3, 2015 / 7:09 am

    I don't seem to be having much like in finding these to buy – loving the lunchbox ideas!

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    Looks awesome, my son would love these x

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    My son would love this!

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    these look really cool

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    My grandson would love these