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Back To School With A Punch

A selection of Spotless Punch back to school essentials, for shoes, and clothes protection

Every year I plan to get organised for the new school year as soon as the kids finish in July.  It doesn’t always work out like that, as most parents would know.  But this year, I am making a concious effort.  With that in mind, I entered a competition to win a scented candle (random I know!), which I won, and the good people at Spotless Punch sent me some back to school goodies to review as well.  Which is ideal as high on the agenda, as always are getting the kids shoes ready for the new school year.

The beauty of these shoe protector products is that come the Autumn, when the kids are running around in the playground, cleaning the shoes will be quick and easy no matter what type of shoe, especially when you are running around trying to get everything organised, it is one less thing to worry about.

A selection of Spotless Punch back to school essentials, for shoes.

My youngest daughter went through four pairs of shoes in the last school year and my oldest five pairs.  I always get their shoes fitted, (usually at Clarks) but it is inevitable that they will grow out of their shoes quickly, both have had growth spurts this year, so it is really important to keep their shoes in tip top condition so they last as long as possible   My teenager finds this a challenge (keeping them in great ‘new’ condition!) as it is easier to kick them off and forget about them, so getting into a fast, easy routine of cleaning and protecting her shoes is essential.  
Shoes have been bought, shoe boxes opened, and both girls have helped in getting them ready for next school year.  The Punch Conditioning Shoe Polish will ensure their leather shoes are protected and the nourishing beeswax it will  keep the condition of the shoes looking new and shiny. The step both my girls loved doing (hooray!) was using the Punch Quick Shine Sponge, no fuss, ready-to-buff, and is suitable for any shoe colour and also synthetic shoes.
Once the kids have been back at school , even for just a couple of days, their shoes will be scuffed and in need of some Punch shoe Polish, which will help restore the leather to it’s former shiny glory.  Available in black, brown and neutral, this polish contains Carnuba wax which will protect and nourish the leather shoes while keeping them waterproof and extra shiny.

My youngest girl loves to have a patent shoe, so the Punch Patent Leather Restorer will be essential, to keep the shoes looking shiny and scuff free. The high shine finish not only keeps those shoes looking great but also covers any scratches and scuffs you may see in their new shoes. In my daughters case, after the first day!

A selection of Spotless Punch back to school essentials heel cushions and leather wipes.

Do your kids come home with grubby dirty school shoes? I know mine do! I will be reaching for the Punch Shoe & Boot Wipes that are quick and convenient  and great to get the kids to do themselves (shock, horror!)  They will work really effectively on shiny leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, sheepskin, rubber, and also canvas shoes.  I have used them on all our shoes including Mr MFT and his work shoes and our walking boots, and find them really quick and easy for us all to use.

Lara, our youngest, wears glasses so when I saw Dr Optic Optical Lens Wipes I was interested right away. It is so true that five times out of ten we will clean her glasses with one of our tops! I know it’s a bit of a no-no but when you are out and about and don’t have a special cloth up your sleeve, it’s what you do. So this solution from Spotless Punch and Dr Optic is perfect for Lara, she can take them to school and use them at home (she nearly always carries a little handbag with her!) They get rid of any oily residue and give the lenses a crystal clear clean, perfect if you are a member of the glasses crew, or if you have a child who wears glasses.

Although the summer holidays have only just begun, Autumn if hot on it’s heels, and with all this preparation for the new school year in mind, It is also a time to pack away all our Summer clothes and haul out the warmer Autumn clothes.  If you too go through this annual ritual of bagging up all the summer clothes until we see the summer sun again next year, you will have some clothes that are susceptible to an attack of moths. Zensect Moth Proofer and Zensect Hanging Moth Proofer  are the products you need to protect your clothes from the dreaded moth holes.  These handy products will protect and repel from the moths, even your leather clothes, silk and cashmere clothes. Leaving a fresh scent of Lavender in your drawers, wardrobes and cupboards.

Moth protection and repellent from Spotless Punch

So get all the essentials done, buy the shoes, use the protectors (or get your kids too!), pack your summer clothes away and protect them from the dreaded moths.  Then relax in the knowledge that it is one less chore to tick of come September.  Then treat yourself to one of these fabulous candles  Bali Wooden Wick Candle  it won’t disappoint, it is so fragrant and fresh, with the scent of the exotic tiare flower, and an impressive 40 hour burn time, and is enriched with vegetable wax and with it’s unique wooden wick.

A 'Bali' inspired candle from Spotless Punch.
A 'Bali' inspired candle from Spotless Punch.

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  1. August 14, 2014 / 4:42 am

    I like getting organised for the new school year as early as possible. Makes it less stressful. Some good products here.

  2. October 2, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    i make sure the kids shoes are cleaned every day i hate dirty shoes.