Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review

With a family of four the weekly laundry pile gets bigger by the day and our 7kg washing machine just wasn’t up to the job any longer, so I was thrilled to test out the 9kg washing machine from Amica and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It never fails to amaze me just how much laundry I have to go through every week with my brood. Not only am I washing the usual school uniforms, work clothes and weekly bedding but it’s all the extras too. The sports kits, after school club kits, mine and my OH’s gym kits – not to mention all the cycling gear my OH get’s through! It really mounts up and the only way I have found I keep on top of it all is to have a structure to the week and wash every other day. It’s so much easier for me to do it this way as otherwise the ironing pile get’s bigger and bigger and I would much rather do little and often rather that a huge mountain of ironing in one go!

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by

When the Amica AW1912D was delivered I was so keen to use it and having plenty of laundry to wash as always I put it straight to work. The first thing I noticed was it is really simple to use, something I really value as time and again appliances can be so technical to program that inevitably I give up and just stick to the main cycles. The machine has an easy to select dial, child lock, delayed (24 hour) start as well as having a very handy pre-wash cycle for those really grubby clothes. Using a larger 9kg washing machine would use more energy and water but the A++ energy rating paired with the clever auto sensor ensures that it is a very economic machine. The auto sensor matches the weight of the laundry load to the level of the water and the chosen program, making sure it is the most economic wash for all three variables. 

After using the Amica 9kg for a few days one of the main things I noticed was how quiet it was compared to the last machine we had, and if you like to get on top of the laundry at night you can program a night cycle for an even quieter cycle – this I find really useful as there is nothing worse than waking up the whole house at night! Like any family we have a mix of laundry to get through each week and the most time consuming I always find is the bedding. What a difference with this 9kg machine as I could fit in all our bedding sets in for a wash which cuts out so much time and gets it all done in one go. I am yet to wash the kids duvet inners but they would fit easily together in the drum, and once the weather is a little warmer I will put it to the test.

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by

Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review, photo's by
Amica 9KG Washing Machine Review

There are various different cycles to choose from and our most frequently used ones have been the Everyday which is at 60 degrees and is 60 minutes and the short wash (so handy!) at 30 degrees and takes 30 minutes. I used the anti-allergic wash for our bedding which cleverly washes at 60 degrees for the main cycle and then goes through four 30 degree rinses. What I have found with this larger washing machine is that it saves me so much time as I can wash much more in one go than with my old machine. I wouldn’t go back now as it’s such an efficient machine. With it’s large ‘porthole’ and sleek look it’s a stylish stylish addition to the kitchen and although when it comes to appliances I choose substance and performance over style, with this machine I felt I got both. 

This week I’ve managed to do three laundry loads and that includes all the bedding, the uniforms, the work clothes, the sports kits as well as all the incidentals though the week.  It’s made it so much easier and quicker for our family of four and I am surprised at what a difference having a larger machine has made. I like that it has plenty of cycles to use for all the different types of laundry, it’s energy efficient, quiet and easy to program (I have even taught my children how to use it!) and from £360.00 I think it offers very good value for money, considering it will cut down on the number of washes per week and offers a reduction on the monthly bills with its A++ energy saving. Also the machine comes with a two year warranty which puts my mind at ease if anything should turn awry and It needs some maintenance. 

One of the disadvantages in the past of having a larger capacity washing machine I feel is that the machine may run underloaded quite often due to it’s large size. The advantage of this machine is the auto sensor to account for this – using less water and energy when it is needed. I’ve found I’ve used the night cycle quite a lot to wash my OH’s work clothes (shirts, trousers and scrubs as he works in medical practices) and this has been so handy as he get’s through so many at work and usually takes in a clean change of clothes just in case too. For a family of four of more I think this size is perfect to keep on top of the laundry and with the versatile cycles and A++ energy cycle it suits our family perfectly. If only it had an ‘iron’ cycle too – it would be perfect!

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  1. April 20, 2016 / 9:18 pm

    Wow this looks great 9kg loads that's great and looks stylish too

    • April 21, 2016 / 8:31 am

      It's so great to have a family machine which can handle the mountains of laundry we have!

  2. April 21, 2016 / 5:07 am

    Yes, if only it had an iron cycle too! LOL. 9kg machines should be standard nowadays for families. It's good it has a 20 degrees eco cycle.

    • April 21, 2016 / 8:37 am

      It would be so lovely not to have to iron! I must say it has really made a difference to us already and the huge amount of weekly laundry we have.

  3. April 22, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    Oh wow, this looks gorgeous! 9KG is a huge capacity….but it doesn't look like it's too big, if that makes sense.

  4. Pam Francis Gregory
    April 22, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Good size & quiet too!!

  5. June 12, 2016 / 5:33 pm

    Great that you could fit in the single duvets, I am tired of having to do these separately at the launderette. This looks really good and i like the option for a 20 degree wash too.