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I have just a few weeks left to train for the London Walk The Walk Moonwalk and on the 16th April Aldi are launching their latest Specialbuys which are perfect for me as they are aimed at runners. 

The mini marathon for charity that I am taking part in in May, is to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research, and the reason I am walking the 15 miles is in memory of my beautiful sister in law who died 10 years ago.  What better way to pay tribute to her amazing life than to take part in a night-time mini marathon (Moonwalk) with thousands of other women who’s lives have been touched by cancer themselves. 

Aldi's Running Range 16th April Specialbuys

When I saw that Aldi had a new Specialbuy range starting this week I was really glad I could stock up on plenty of their Running Range and get plenty of training in for the big night walk. Not only have Aldi got a great selection of items that are perfect for runners (and walkers!) what I love is the great value they offer. If you are looking to get kitted out with all the gear you need to get out and start your running training, or like me you are doing a marathon event, then the Running Range from Aldi is a brilliant way to add to your collection or to start a brand new one.

Aldi Running Range

Here is a selection of what Aldi have on offer starting from the 16th April, as always great value but don’t forget that all the Specialbuys are only available while stocks last.

Running Trousers 3/4 Length £9.99

These ladies running trousers from Aldi’s Running Range are available in black, 3/4 length and have reflective motifs on the back of the trouser leg for better visibility at night. They feature a zipped back pocket and an elastic waist with a concealed drawstring cord to adjust the width and are available in small (size 8-10) medium (size 12-14) and large (size 16-18)

What I like about these Running Trousers is that the material gives plenty of freedom of movement when you are out running, and the fabric helps to wick away any moisture to keep you dry while exercising. They are really comfortable and for £9.99 I think this offers very good value for money.

 Ladies Running 3/4 Trousers from  Aldi SpecialBuys Running Range

Ultra Bright Summer Running T-shirt £5.99

A great t-shirt to wear and be seen! It’s so bright and noticeable and is perfect if you are running in the dark to enhance visibility with it’s bright fluorescent colour. This t-shirt also offers material which will regulate moisture and wick it away to stay dry and comfortable on your run.

Wearing this bright t-shirt will keep you seen and the reflective motif details on the t-shirt help to keep you visible to others at night. Another handy feature of this t-shirt is a small tab to the side which is stitched into the neckline that enables you to loop though your headphones keeping them out of the way when you run. Available while stocks last in small (size 8-10) medium (size 12-14) and large (size 16-18).

ultra Bright Running T-shirt From Aldi SpecialBuys Running Range

Compression Running Socks £3.99

An essential while out running is a pair of good socks, and runners will look for socks that help aid their comfort while out on a run and keep the feet dry and comfortable. These Compression Socks from Aldi’s Running Range have comfort padding to support the feet, gradual compression, a flexible cuff, achilles tendon protection, triple ankle pad, mid-foot bandage, toe protection, heel protection and anatomically shaped let and right footbeds (phew!). 

A lot of features to ensure the feet are protected from any stress or pressure while running, and paying attention to areas where the feet need it the most. The socks are so comfortable and what I really valued about them was their ability to stay nice and dry even when I had been out on a long run, the material is seamless with no irritation and very supportive and comfortable.

Compression Running Socks from the Aldi Running Range

Wireless Activity Tracker £39.99

This is the perfect companion to take out with you while out running or walking as it will track your daily steps, activity and even your time while training. You can add the app “Crane Connect” to your smart phone or tablet and this will transfer all your training data for you to track. 

It comes with a USB is water resistant and  has a 7 day data storage capacity, You can choose from a variety of colours and each tracker comes with two interchangeable differently coloured straps.

It’s doesn’t just track your activity either as you can also monitor your sleeping patterns as well as your steps, calories, activity, distance and it also benefits from an alarm which is useful. 

I have found the Wireless Activity Tracker a very useful tool to track my training progress and having the records of your daily activity does spur you on to improve on your performance, do expect to get a bit more competitive and try to improve on your activity each day!  
Wireless Activity Tracker From Aldi's Running Range

The Running Range From Aldi Is Available From 16th April While Stocks Last
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*Aldi provided me with the items from the Running Range for the purpose of this post however all opinions and thoughts remain my own*


  1. April 16, 2015 / 11:24 am

    Good luck on your moonwalk, such a good cause. I love Aldi special buys, these running ones look so handy. I love my fitness tracker as well

  2. April 29, 2015 / 12:06 pm

    ALDI have some great things in their special buys events these look good I like the fitness tracker

  3. May 5, 2015 / 10:58 am

    Aldi really do have some great items in their special buy events, we always get stocked up on equestrian clothes for my stepdaughter when they have them in, they're good quality and a good price!