About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog.  So
here’s a bit about me, who am I? I am Caroline, I’m a shorty at only
just over 5 feet, a 40 year old mummy to our two girls, I live in
Northamptonshire with my fiancé, funny to call him that as we have been engaged
for 15 years and still not made time for the wedding, life getting in the way
and all that. I love baking and cooking with, and for my family, and attempting
crafts and art with my girls, we like to get out and about as much as possible
with days out and trips here and there and my two intrepid explorers are always
ready for the next adventure.  
As well as getting crafty and messy with
the girls I love to find new and interesting gadgets and gizmos to make life
easier and more fun.  I also love to try new beauty products out, I am a
qualified beauty therapist after returning to college three years ago and
fortunate to have been a product reviewer for The Beauty Bible book over the last three years which I thoroughly enjoyed, the beauty industry is exciting and I love to
explore new innovations and treatments.
Photography is a big part of my life I am
constantly taking photo’s on my iPhone as well as my Canon camera, I like to research different techniques for getting the shot I want.    It’s a big learning curve and I am
always learning new techniques and as a beginner I applaud and admire the
wonderful photographers out there.   I’m a big believer in Karma, what you
put out you will draw back, and I teach this to my girls and try to be mindful
of this.  
My job as a mum is the most important
thing to me and I am so thankful every day for our two wonderful daughters,
they are 8 and 15 years old and most of the time get along with each other,
with a few blips along the way. 

Our oldest daughter Siobhan is 15 and three years ago was diagnosed with ASD although we knew for years she had it, it was a struggle to reach the diagnosis.  It has been a challenge as with many ASD cases, she has a multitude of other
issues to deal with, Dyspraxia, coordination disorders and sensory challenges.
 She copes admirably and naturally we adore her, she is a ray of sunshine and her
love of life is infectious, she loves animals, especially cats, which is why
we have our cat Toots, her best beloved.  She is always thinking of new foods
and play things for Toots and watches all the cat programs on TV, she is a self
professed cat expert and what she doesn’t know about cat’s isn’t worth knowing! 

Siobhan loves Lego, swimming, trampoline’s big and small, reading (her aim is to build her own
library), watching movies, her favourite is The Hunger Games, exploring and
getting messy is essential for Siobhan. She has recently started Rangers which
she really enjoys and is part of a lovely group of supportive girls, she is a
teenager and at times is stressed and stroppy but that is part and parcel being
a teen. Most importantly she loves life, is a happy loving daughter and a fantastic big sis to Lara, she is a chatterbox which is lovely as she has a lot of
interesting things to share.

Lara is our youngest daughter, she is 8
(going on 15) and is crazy about gymnastics, she is in a development squad and loves
everything about being a gymnast, she has my curse of flat feet but is
diligently training her feet to behave as they need to for competitions.
 Lara’s loves are plentiful, cycling, drawing, arts and crafts, reading,
swimming, and all animals – she loves chickens, she found this out on a house sit
last year where they had four hens and it was love at first cluck! She loves
to help me in the kitchen and is chief taster, she enjoys to be out exploring
and trying new fun things and has recently joined Brownies which she is finding
really fun, she has managed to squeeze in street dance into her week too which
is fun for her, and she is never too grown up for a cuddle with mum! Lara is a
little treasure and a joy to be around and she manages to do all this with sight
impairment, she has 30% vision in one eye but this doesn’t stop her from doing
anything she sets out to do. 

My fiancĂ© is a hard working paramedic, it feels like he is always at work so his days off are precious, and we plan them out with military precision.  He is a wonderfully supportive partner and dad,
I am a lucky lady to have a butcher, a chef, a soldier and a paramedic all
rolled into one! He loves the outdoors and is always happy with some extreme
sports and activities, currently he is training for a Triathlon.  He enjoys to travel which we do as much as possible and
is a cycling fanatic, and on his days off we can find him at the cycling shop drooling
over the next road bike that’s on his list.  Being outnumbered in a house
full of women, (even the cat is female) he copes very well and can even plait
the girls hair when he has to, and play dollies when it’s called for. We laugh a lot
and have a fun happy life together, this I love. A house without laughter is a dull one.

Toots is our faithful shy cat,
beloved by
us all but mostly by Siobhan, she is a 5 year old moggy who gets a lot of love
and attention from us and in return is a cuddly companion.

I enjoy reading and connecting with new blogs and being a part
of a wider community.  For me, writing my blog is a way to have an account of
anything and everything that inspires and excites me and my family.  To have an account of my time as a mummy though a visual diary is a lovely thing, and I have so much love for my blog.

I look forward to hearing from you.