8 Top Tips For Last Minute Cruise Ship Holiday Deals

1. Keeping your passport up to date is tip number one, you don’t want to have found the perfect last minute cruise to then have your holiday sail away because you forgot to renew your passport.

2. If you are not on Twitter it may be prudent to start an account as many excellent deals are
fist shared on twitter. Creating a list of top last minute cruise agencies on your Twitter account and checking them regularly gives you every opportunity to ensure you don’t miss out on an exclusive money saving last minute deals.

3. Most cruise lines and their respective agencies have regular informative newsletters which you can subscribe to to receive their most up to date offers and promotions. Once you see an offer you like the look of do a comparison with another cruise line to see if they can reduce the cost, it’s worth checking rather than going for the first price you find as you may save considerable cash by shopping around. The cruise lines want your custom and if you can negotiate with a written quote from another cruise line you may just be able to find an even better deal. 

4. Can you be flexible? The more flexible you can make yourself to the cruise line agency the better as the last minute deals need to be filled by them. If you can be flexible on the cabin, the dates and even the dining arrangements you will be able to secure a place on the cruise holiday you have been waiting for. Don’t expect the best most sought after rooms however as the last minute nature of the deal is to fill the rest of the ship after the early bookers have secured their accommodation.

5. Don’t forget to read the fine print in your contract so you are fully informed on the trip you are taking. Check to see any additional costs incurred with the cruise, the government and port taxes, any service charges on board will raise the cost considerably and it is better to be aware of any extra charges before the trip to be prepared. Also check to see if your agent can identify which cabin you will be placed in, you can then ensure that your holiday purchase is right for you, as you don’t want to be disappointed once you board and can’t change the cabin. This may be stipulated in the contract so it is worth having a very thorough read before signing as if you are dissatisfied after this point there may be no refund available. 

6. If you are looking for the best deal then consider the off season to get the lowest possible last minute price as off season does not automatically mean bad weather. If you avoid the peak times such as school holidays, Summer and holidays such as Christmas you can still find a great low price last minute cruise with a great climate.

7. It’s worth inquiring with your agent if it’s possible to upgrade to a better class of cabin, the ship needs to be filled by the agency and you can get a great deal because of this need last minute. 

8. Once you have found the best deal for you think about any excursions you may want to take while holidaying, you can book them all with your agent or you can make huge savings by booking them all yourself. Do your research of all the ports you will be visiting and gather together maps, attractions and any local events that will be on during your visit. If you prefer to as another alternative you could book a tour with a firm who specialise in taking tourists from the port around the local sights, the advantage of this is that they will speak the language and have all the costs before you leave on your cruise. Also if for any reason your ship is delayed or prevented from docking at the port all reputable tour firms will offer a full refund if this does happen. 

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