Yesterday I posted about our thoughts on the Hello Fresh delivery we had and our first recipe of Beef Roly Polys Mexican Style, a recipe which had been a huge hit with the whole family. I was really impressed at the ease of use of the whole process even taking into account my allergy to shellfish (much to my other half’s annoyance as he loves fish and shellfish!) and from point of order to serving up our evening meal was really straightforward and enjoyable. For me it feels like a food box to re-ignite a passion for cooking or start that passion up from scratch.

Hello Fresh Family Box 

Choosing the Family Box gave me the reassurance that the dishes would be free of too much spice and also be very balanced nutritionally. Don’t fret though as this doesn’t detract from the flavour we have tried two very delicious recipes over the last two days which have both been full of flavour. The recipes have been carefully chosen and tested by the Hello fresh chef’s and this care and attention really does come across not only in the tasty recipes but the fresh produce too. The prices for the Family Box range from £37.95 – £60.00 with free postage and if you have any allergies to certain foods you can adapt your choices, just speak to one of the customer service team as they are so helpful.

Review of Hello Fresh Food Box

Hello Fresh Review with a Spiced Chicken recipe with coconut rice and roasted corn on the cob

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After being away on a little UK stay-cation this Summer I treated myself to the latest beauty box to come out in the UK and it’s from QVC. As a long time QVC customer I was really looking forward to trying out the box. Why? Well I have become quite disillusioned with the beauty boxes out there at the moment mainly because I find that either the product sizes are quite small or the products are a little samey. Step in the new Tili beauty box and there are generous samples of top selling products which I really wanted to sample.

Firstly what a beautiful box they designed to keep all the products in and I love the colour combination of light blue and pink. I feel it offers really great value for £20 and gives you generous sample sizes to really give each of the products a try, and with eight products to play with you are bound to find a new favourite. I have used all the products and both my daughters have tried the nail polish and Elemis cleanser so at this rate I shall have to get another Tili box!

Tili Beauty Box From QVC review

Review of the Tili Beauty Box from QVC August

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Eating family meals together is high on my agenda, we are not one of those families who cook separate meals for different family members – don’t get me wrong there are some things that we all just don’t like the taste of (so we leave out) but on the whole it’s one meal for all and at least one day a week we have a new dish from somewhere around the world to keep it interesting. When Hello Fresh got in touch to see if I would like to try out their (just fabulous) service I had no hesitation to try as I knew the whole family would enjoy the whole experience and cooking together is so much fun and always encourages empty plates. If you are new to Hello Fresh  as I was, it’s a brilliant concept for couples, singles and families alike to try out some new recipes to add to your repertoire with fresh produce delivered to your door.

Hello fresh review

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Time Bomb Skin-Novations Anti-Ageing Collection – TSV (Todays Special Value) QVC August 16th

Over the last year I have been using products from the Time Bomb range with great success as they really suit my skin. I have written before about the Collagen Bomb Skin Fuel  which is perfect for plumping up the skin and really hydrating and more recently about Time Bomb’s Peel & Reveal  a marvel at creating a clean polished face – and so easily achieved. If you are a Time Bomb fan too then the exceptional offer from QVC on the 16th August will be right up your street. Time Bomb have put together the perfect TSV (Today’s Special Value) quad to keep your skin looking a-list this Summer and as two are supersized products expect them to last much longer than the regular sizes, plus the entire set costs £46.00! Yes that’s right a fantastic price for all four products (two are supersize) it’s a really great way to stock up on your favourites while only paying a fraction of the cost.

Time bomb TSV QVC 16 th August

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In a quest to find the real Hero beauty products, the team from The Hero Project have begun a new concept to hone in on what we all really want to have in our beauty stash, products that actually work and that live up to their taglines. It’s so frustrating when you end up with five products to do the one skincare specific job and I feel that is where The Hero Project Concept is coming from, targeting real customers skin concerns and creating products that will address these concerns. Step in their exclusive Hero products Hyasoft and Glowdrops both developed, tried and tested to work wonders on all skin types to renew the skin to glowing hydrated skin. What makes The Hero Project a unique concept is that customers can get involved and rate the products online, they are also all ears to any product suggestions too as they are looking for honest real opinions to formulate products that work. 

#BeautyOnAMission The Hero Project The Hero Project Skincare products Glow Drops and Hyasoft photos by

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