It’s that time of year where the whole family helps me get the house ‘Christmas ready’ and this means cleaning and tidying ready for family and friends to come and celebrate with a drink or two. One machine that is going to help me this festive season is the Vax Dual power Pro Advance to clean the carpets and one of the benefits of this nifty machine is that it has an integrated feature to dry your carpets as you clean. It’s a big job to undertake and cleaning the carpets in the house takes time and effort, what I found with this machine from Vax is that it was a lot quicker than I expected and I was really glad to find the unit was much lighter that I thought too as well as easy to use.

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Our youngest daughter has quite a collection of soft toys but by far her favourite and one of her very first toys is a tiny (and a little worse for wear!) stuffed cow. ‘Moo’ is small enough to take everywhere with her and is dinky enough that sometimes it ends up getting lost (usually in the living room) and we all end up searching for it as she can’t sleep without it. If your child has one of these precious toys, or a special blanket perhaps you will understand just how important it can be to make sure you have it somewhere safe every day to avoid that dreaded search just before bedtime! When we were given the opportunity to review a framed photo from My Oldest Friend  it was easy to choose which special toy to include in the ‘photo-shoot’, as ‘Moo’ really is her favourite little toy and if you take a look at the website you can see the various different sizes and types of toys that the fabulous team have captured so well.

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I have been sharing some ideas for Christmas gifts this week – see my Christmas Gift Ideas here, and with the big day looming I have some more inspiration today to treat your loved ones (or yourself!) and with so many sales on at the moment it’s the perfect time to get organised.  This week my youngest has spent so much time perfecting and writing her Christmas cards for her school friends it’s spurred me on to get Christmas ready!

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If you are planning on gifting a fragrance this Christmas but unsure what scent your loved would like then The Perfume Studio London may have the solution for you. It’s so hard to find the right fragrance for someone special unless they have a specific favourite they always wear and that’s where these unique kits are ideal.  Included in each specially designed kit you will find everything you need to blend your own bespoke fragrance, don’t worry if this sounds a little daunting as full instructions are given with the gift box and all the blends have been very carefully selected by The Perfume Studio’s in-house master perfumer Francois Robert.

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From Payot is an ideal gift set for anyone looking for an anti-ageing duo to work with your skin to combat the signs of ageing on the skin. The Supreme Jeunesse Set is a serum and cream duo which work in harmony with each other to give results and not only do they treat the first signs of ageing but also the visible signs of ageing skin as well as dehydration and loss of elasticity. It’s something I am only to aware of as over the last five years my skin has really changed (the dreaded over 40’s!) and needs extra help to support, hydrate and heal the skin.

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